Bunnies Back Inside

Well that didn’t last long,  twenty-four hours tops.

When we arrived home yesterday evening, Barley and Charlotte were at the French doors looking in.

I cracked open the door and Barley wedged his fat little fur-ball self through.

Why such weak resolve Flower you ask?

I would rather WORK than WORRY.

I was awake several times during the night wondering how much the temperature had dropped.

Then I heard noises outside and wondered if it was some predator breaking into the pen.

About dawn,  when I was awakened by Mr. Bluebird pecking at the window,

He’s BACK : ‘To Kill a Bluebird’ may be a future post title

I had the thought that if Barley’s bottom was all ready wet he would get chilled and then $ickne$$ would follow…

So they are inside where it is warm and dry.

Anybody want to assist in a Bunny Brazilian over the holidays?

A FOOL and her bunnies are not parted.




Foiled by Two Photos

I had big plans for the bunnies.

They were moving outside.

I have spent months working on a pen inside the bunny yard.

There are now two barriers between them and danger.

It has fence, hardware cloth, mesh,

plexi glass, polyethylene and metal.

(Shower curtains will be replaced by metal when Mr. Flower has time to help.)

There are boxes, tunnels and a hutch.

They even have market lights on a timer!

It is quite elaborate and a bit messy. (Sorry neighbors)

But it was all for naught.

My plans have been foiled by two photos from the neighbors’ critter cam.

The first is of three raccoons. I was aware of one, but now feel outnumbered.


The second is the hind end of a rather large coyote.


Years ago one tore down some fence and left a dirty paw print on the window screen.

THUS, those two messy bunnies will continue to come inside at night.

We can’t have them partying with these wild ones.

Mama needs her sleep.




Saving My Ears

Elephant ears are mostly water.

Mojito Elephant Ears Colocasia

So if they freeze, they turn to mush.

I let the frost kill the leaves, then I cut off the droopy parts.

I dig them up and haul them inside my already crowded workshop.

There are too many plants in there to get much work done,

but it’s a great place to go think and breathe.

Black Beauty came inside in its pot.

My Mojitos are in a box.

The Frydeks are in a bucket.

And YES, I did bring in those trouble causing Coffee Cups.

They are reclining in my lawn cart.

Flower has more heart than sense.

I must not end this post without a photo of the cutest ears of all.

Bunny ears.

Barley and Charlotte, New Zealand Lop Rabbits



If I’m not Weeding, I’m Reading

We had some snow here today, so the weeds had to wait.

I made progress in several of the books that I am reading.

I only read non-fiction right now.

My last book of fiction made me so mad that I tossed it.

I can read books simultaneously if they are dissimilar. Otherwise, I get them confused.

Tristan Gooley’s How To Read Water is a hit with me.  It is even better than his book, The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs.

A Woman’s Place is at the Top by Hannah Kimberly is a fascinating story of the mountain climber, Annie Smith Peck.  I admire her determination, but she was not as civic-minded as my two heroes, Marianne North and Beatrix Potter.

Gretchen Rubin inspires me with her thoughtful pursuits at improvement.  I have just started Happier at Home,  but I really enjoyed her book, Better Than Before. 

Elizabeth Kolbert is a really great science writer. Do not let the “science” deter you. Her book, The Sixth Extinction is on my top ten list.

In case you are wondering what the bunnies do in wet weather, they chew on sticks.

I caught Charlotte wistfully gazing out the bottom panes of the French doors today. I know she would hate it out there in the cold, but she still wanted out.

They enjoyed eating bark off of fruitwood sticks. These are now ready to burn.

Tomorrow will be sunny, so I won’t be eating so much…I mean reading so much.



Bunnies and Blooms in the Gloom

We have had three cold, wet days here in NC.

Neither I nor the bunnies have played outside.

They have kept busy chewing sticks, barbering each other,

eating, napping and tearing up their box.

I have played with my inside plants.

My Christmas cacti collection will be blooming for weeks to come.

I am so thankful for their vibrant colors.

I am just sharing today’s showoffs up close.

gold and salmon

When it stops raining, I will be going outside to photograph all the bloomers that are still braving the elements.

It’s the least I can do for these tenacious plants.


Busy and Not Busy

I don’t have to look to know who is Busy and who is Not Busy in the bunny yard.

Where ever I hear noise, I know I will see a blur of black fur.


Then I must peer under things to find my barley brown bunny,

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 229

quietly napping or watching the trees.

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 245

Charlotte is usually on the move or moving dirt.

Charlotte digging 024

Barley can be found quietly meditating.


Usually, they only spend time together while eating


or snuggling.

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 063

But one day Not Busy made the mistake of napping too close to Busy during an excavation.

Charlotte digging 010

Busy dug dirt and kicked it behind her.  Not Busy got dirty.

Charlotte digging 021

Busy bulldozed dirt away from the excavation site.

Charlotte digging 015


Not Busy began to disappear under the soil.

Charlotte digging 004

Busy disappeared into the hole.

Charlotte digging 023

Busy continues working. Not Busy continues meditating.

Charlotte digging 007

They both stopped to pose for a picture. I think he’s smiling.

FLOWER fills in lots of holes.