Flower between Flowerings

Once the Schlumbergeras stop blooming, I know there will be no more flowers for a while. This is the tough part of the year for me. Everything outside is bitten back by freezes and brown. My tasks now involve clipping off dead tops and blowing leaves.

This has been a big acorn year. It amazes me that the oak trees put so much energy into millions of progeny. The chipmunks appreciate them, but I do not.

My other blog, Seizure Mama and Rose clips along during the winters. My ‘Other Mothers’ need me year-round. This blog however, sputters to a stop about now.

I will probably share a post about my Christmas tree, the usual Poinsettia (third year), and some other house plants. I read a lot in the winter, usually books about plants and trees and human diseases. I may share some information about these.

Do not worry if I stop posting for a while. I will keep reading your blogs. I love your birds, cows, wildlife and crafts. My blogger friends have been a constant over these tumultuous times. I used to say, ” She/He is not a real friend, but a blogger friend.” I don’t say that anymore. You are real friends.

Stay safe during this wave of cold, flu and Covid. I need you people.

Love, Flower

My Gardens Move Inside

It’s almost time for our first freeze here in North Carolina.

Many plants have been moved inside.

Last Christmas’s poinsettia. Not dark treatment needed.

Now my job is to water and turn pots.

My workshop is a jungle. It is my inside garden now.

I enjoy weaving around among the flowers and greenery.

The colors are a comfort as the world outside turns brown.

The Schlumbergeras are starting to bloom.

I distribute these throughout the house.

Any bloom is a mood booster.


My New Motto

Winters are rough for a gardener. I have to keep myself busy to stay up.

I plan projects and read insightful books.


I have been reading these three books while I take my shifts with my dad at rehab.

This is a tough time for a man who is used to being active and in charge.

I look at every situation as a life lesson. Some lessons are harder than others.

I may have to hang my new sign in his room.


My Night-blooming Cereus seems to have the same philosophy.


It has put up these long stalks reaching toward the skylight.

We all should reach up or reach out when things get dark and difficult.