Banner Elk Winery

We found an interesting winery this past week.

Banner Elk Winery is located in a peaceful spot.

It has a pond and picnic tables.

The children there were very busy playing as their parents relaxed.

Someone smart designed this place.

There is a lovely little creek running into the pond with a stone bridge across it.

There is a centrally located fire pit.

The entrance features a life-sized, driftwood sculpture of an elk.

Inside the building is cozy with a giant stone fireplace.

It is the perfect respite for folks who want to visit while their children romp through nature in full view.

The bartender with an “I hate you” tattoo even gave me their Sangria recipe.

It was worth zig-zagging on mountain roads to find this jewel.


To Italy on Sundays

If you don’t own a private jet, you can still go to Italy on Sundays…

sort of.

Raffaldini Vineyard is a great place to pretend that you are in an Italian vineyard.

The view is spectacular.

The wine is delicious.


The pizza is from a brick oven, albeit a small one, on wheels.

It is a lovely place to spend a quiet afternoon.


Even if it is raining.

We love Raffaldini’s.


Raffaldini Winerini

Okay, so I made up a new word.  It fits doesn’t it?   A little, Italian winery.

Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery is in North Carolina,


but it did make me feel like I was in Italy or at least California.


Mr. Flower and I enjoyed a wine tasting here last weekend.


We sampled eight different wines as we learned about the various grapes and processes for creating the complex aromas, flavors and textures.

I did not know that some grapes are dried to enhance their flavors. This process is called Appasimento.  Some of the wines were aged in stainless steel instead of oak barrels.



The lovely facilities are set up on a hill with a great view of the grape vines and surrounding farms.


It amazes me the vision and foresight some people have “to dream and then do.”


This is an impressive yet peaceful place to spend an afternoon.