Against the Tide

I have been paddling against the tide.

If I use strong strokes, I can maintain my position.

In sight of the shore of my intended landing.

If I weaken, I get pulled out farther and farther.

Into the deep, wild sea that may bring me down.

I am tired.   I am older.

I wait for the tide to turn and bring me in,

but it hasn’t.

I am ready to put down the paddle.

Let the tide have me.

Maybe I have been headed toward the wrong shore all these years

and fate has kept me from landing

in the wrong place.


Cut, Pull or Stake

We had a hard rain yesterday evening.

My houseplants get booted outside for storms.


Now that the sun is back, they must be dragged back in before scorching.

The main job now is in the garden.   Everything got really wet and heavy.


So I put on my rubber clogs to assess the needs of the day.

CUT the flopped over bearded iris stems and the shriveled old blooms off.

Night Affair   Could there be a more purple purple?

PULL the ten thousand weeds. (9, 000 are sweet peas.)

STAKE the tall stalks and stems of iris and peonies.

Krinkled White Peony

I shall not complain about the rain.


Iris, Old and New

April is the month of the bearded iris here in North Carolina.

I have one old type from my daddy’s mother’s garden.


I moved many iris onto this bank last summer.  They have never been happier.


The rest of my iris are hybrids.

They came from Cooley’s in Oregon over twenty years ago.

Taco Supreme
Banana Frappe’
Thunder Echo
Persian Berry
I got this from my daddy.   Hmmmm?  Depth of Field?


This is just the first wave of iris.  There will be more in the coming weeks.

The next parade will be the peonies.  Here is the first bloom.

Ants love the sap on the peony buds.

Ahhhhh spring at last!


Daddy in the Sky with Grandkids

I gave my daddy a plane ride for Christmas.  He didn’t get airborne until this Saturday.

He went up in a little plane from a small airport near our home.

It was not a Piper Cub like he and his dad had in the 1950’s.  No matter.

Daddy was the unofficial co-pilot.

My two adult children got to go along.  Lucky ducks!

I felt like I was lifting off with them as I watched them take off.   What a thrill!

I knew my daddy was being transported back to his teenage years.

My daddy and my children were up there in the sky making a memory.

The pilot knew this was no ordinary thrill ride.  This was a trip back in time.



Spring Easter Cactus

,This little bloomer is from the forests of Mexico and South America.

It needs porous soil and indirect light.

The simple, pink, tubular flowers open during the day and close at dusk.


The buds just began to open this week, though they have been fully formed for weeks.

Its name is Rhipsalidopsis.  Its leaf sections look similar to Schlumbergera except there are no points.


Happy Easter


Two Tiny Treasures

I love tiny plants.  They are perfect for planting in troughs and my fairy garden.

Here are two of my favorites.

Ledebouria cooperi  ‘Jessop’ has tiny bulbs.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’

The leaves have copper stripes.  Its blooms are a lovely lavender. Its buds look like grape clusters.


The other little lovely is a Delosperma/Ice Plant named ‘Fire Spinner.’

Delosperma/Ice plant ‘Fire Spinner’

It is just starting to bloom. Soon this patch will be glowing in the sun.

It really does look like it is on fire.


Both of these plants are easy to grow.  I have planted them in numerous places in my gardens. They like sun and well-drained soil.   All are growing happily.



You Go Ahead On

You go on to that meeting,

I’ll stay here with the baby.

You go ahead on to work,

I’ll stay here with the children.

You go ahead on to the Y,

I’ll stay here with the laundry.

You go ahead on to that race,

I’ll stay here with the sick one.

You go ahead on to church,

I’ll stay here with these dishes.

You go ahead on with what you’re doing,

I’ll stay here with the weeds.

You go ahead on on that trip,

I’ll stay here with the dogs.

You go ahead on and on and on,

I may be here, but I’m all ready gone.

Columbine Time

If you have a good variety of flowers in your gardens,

you know when the various types are stepping it up in the bloom parade.

Here in North Carolina the daffodils have had their days.  The tulips have gotten enough attention  now.

The new feature flower group is the Columbine.


I have had the usual purple and pink for decades.

It seems the pinks are more numerous this spring.

I have two relatively new types, besides that darling tiny red ‘Little Lanterns’ from a previous post.

These two have a different form of flower, both are double and the blooms seem to look up rather than nod.

‘Winky Double Red’ reminds me of a granny’s bonnet even more than the old cultivars.


I love the deep mauve color surrounding the butter yellow.


The buds are very dark and tight.


‘Nora Barlow’ is has spiky pink blooms with a hint of yellow.


This hybrid is a bit taller than the old types. Here is one beside an old pink for comparison.


I have not saved seed from these, so I don’t know if they will be true next generation.

Nora Barlow does have one progeny beside the original.


They are a nice addition to my collection.

Next come the iris.