Gardens on Cloth

Rain and cold have kept me inside far too long.

I have surrounded myself with bright colors and pleasing objects on cloth.

Mandalas, moths and microbes.

The threat of new variants has kept me sewing masks longer than I had intended.

Birds, bird houses and diatoms.

When the weather improves, I will be in my garden.

Microbes, gnomes and mushrooms.

That is where I belong.


Mrs. Pibwib

I sincerely hope that Mrs. Pibwib will make an appearance today.

She has been gone far too long.

The house is in complete disarray.

The chaos and clutter are beginning to be a distraction.

Things are not where they should be.

Only she can sort out mess of this magnitude.

Only Mrs. Pibwib has the skill to Put It Back Where It Belongs.

If you see her, please send her my way.

She is desperately needed here.

FLOW / no feng shui

The Covid Thong

I wasn’t expecting witness pandemic porn on my outing to buy mask materials.

I was innocently looking at sturdy 100% cotton cloth, when I noticed another customer chatting it up with the employee who cuts the fabrics.

The employee’s face was my first clue that something was amiss.

The older, hefty customer was buying a lot of lace and tulle’.

I had to do a triple take after glancing at her face.

Where there should have been a full coverage mask was a tiny patch of black lace.

Her nose played peek-a-boo as the air from her nostrils blew the lace up and down.

I felt as though she had exposed herself right there in that store that plays Christian music.

Her husband silently stood by her side in his whitey-tighty mask.

I couldn’t just whip out my camera, so I tried to discreetly peek from behind a 30% Off sale sign.

I wanted to remember every detail so I could draw one when I got home.

I tore this photo from a magazine. NOT the actual thong wearer. (Sorry lady)

No! I will not be making Covid thongs to give away.

Maybe someone will pass along the idea to Victoria’s Secret. They are experts at making things that don’t cover what they are supposed to.

Maybe that woman was Victoria? She was buying quite a quantity of lace!


Mask Making

Here are the steps I go through to make masks.

MATERIALS: cotton fabric(9′ x 15′), polypropylene(8′ x 12′), elastic straps (8.5′-9.5′), pipe cleaners, heat bond, threads, toggle beads.

Fold material face in. If it has an orientation be sure the upsidedown side is pinned to the folded polypropylene. Mark a 3 inch gap to remain open for flipping mask right-side-out and inserting nose piece.

Sew the two sides of the gap. Then take it to the ironing board to iron along seam, shift seam down 1/2 an inch and iron again.

The space you created is where you will glue the nosepiece / pipe cleaners.

Clip elastic straps to the corners to be sewn. These are inside which will be the outside.
I sew back and forth across the straps three times to make them secure.
Flip the mask right-side-out through the three-inch slot. Pull the straps out to square the corners.
I twist two pipe cleaners together and then iron heat bond glue on both sides.
I iron in the nose piece either before or after sewing the pleats in.
Sew down the pleats after pinning them. I make two pleats. One for the chin and one for the nose.
I sew down the pleats and iron the mask flat.
I sew along the pipe cleaner nose piece to keep it in place.


After a last ironing, I put toggle bead on the straps for adjustment.
Do I look tired to you? I am tired…sew tired.


FLOW on the SEW

Sewing Instead of Sowing

I hope you have noticed my absence as The Flower.

I have been dealing with the pandemic in my own way.

Since proper PPE has been so hard to procure,

I have been manufacturing it in my basement.

I have my own cold little “sweatshop” which I call Purgatory.

I have been making masks and sending them where I think they are needed.

I have designed them to be comfortable and beautiful.

I am trying to curb the culling of Covid-19.

This is what I am doing instead of being an epidemiologist.

Flow…biologist turned seamstress.

Who knew? Nobody. That’s for sure.


These Waves

These waves

random yet relentless

dark and blue

knock me down

again and again.

I must

fight to stand

over and over.

I wonder

what would

become of me

if I

stayed down

and let

gravity win.

Would I drown

or could I rest

from the wrest?

Hurry spring!

Bring your

bright sunshine

to warm

my face

as it

breaks through

these waves.


Our Tiny Christmas

In some ways it was the most meaningful holiday ever.

No frills or fuss. No shopping or rushing around.

Just focused on family.

I know what it is like to lose someone I love deeply and desperately.

I will do ANYTHING to prevent that again. ( even wear a little mask)

Mama’s tree was tiny but covered with memories.

Our hamster’s stocking from the 1970’s

Daddy’s chair was empty but we took turns sitting in it.

I am more aware of the breezes. I hear the birds. I marvel at the changing colors of the sunsets.

I am still alive, though with a broken heart.

My treasures have truly changed.

Hold yours closely.

Time is precious and passing.

Pay attention.


I’m Not Done!

My friends are retiring and planning the next phase of their life,

but I’m not done.

I never reached my pinnacle, I was busy yawing around.

I never climbed that mountain, my career never got past step one.

I tried teacher, artist, teacher again, writer, blogger…

but I’m not done.

I did the mama thing quite a while, now they are grown,

but I’m not done.

I keep searching for the next mission, after the pandemic,

after the fear leaves me and a vaccination.

I can’t rest or retire because

I’m not done!

I have no idea what I will do next

all I know is…

I’m not done!