Preening on a Post

I have watched this Great Blue heron for hours.

It has stayed on this post all morning.


Once I looked up to see the post empty.

Next time I looked, the heron was back.


I have spent the entire morning on my computer

while my friend has spent this time preening on a post.

I tried to sneak down to the shore for a close-up,


but it flew away…


to another post.



Make Art not Fat

I have found a new place to go for instant gratification besides my kitchen.

(Winter gives me the munchies.)

My new hang-out without food is called Studio 73.

It is located just across the Catawba River in a lovely little town named Catawba.

I gave Rose a gift certificate for time here as a Christmas gift.

I tagged along with my camera and made a project myself.

I have not been so inspired in a long time.

The walls are covered in various forms of art.

Different artists display their work here.  I was impressed by each array.

Rose and I had an enjoyable afternoon creating our own art.

She made a piece for her dorm door.

I created this camper for our entrance.

Stay tuned for another camper coming soon. I found one for the fairies.

I only hope they behave better in it than they did in their pumpkin!

You local folks need to check out this lovely Studio 73.

Just look for the giant paintbrush near the post office.


Phishing in my Pajamas

Attention: Blogger friends

I need your help.

I have finished a book about my daughter’s life with epilepsy.

We have a blog “Seizure Mama and Rose.”

I am releasing stories from the book onto the blog to find our audience.

Could you PLEASE share the link with anyone you know

whose life has been affected by EPILEPSY.

I need to hear from them.

This is my mission, not my hobby.

I have spent many mornings at my desk in my pajamas

phishing and dropping the link,

wishing I had some folks to help me.

Then I thought of all you guys. My blogger friends! Who better to find folks?

I know that should have been obvious, kind of like throwing the ball at the pins.

FLOW is slow!

Thanks for helping us,


Life Lessons in a Bowling Alley

My family went bowling over the holidays,

the four cousins and two aunts and two uncles together.

I am a bad bowler. I used to be better, but something happened.

I watched my niece nonchalantly throw the ball at the pins which then fell down.

My dreaded turn came over and over.

I carefully aligned myself with the little brown arrows in my lane,

then watched the ball wobble toward the pins.

A few pins fell down, if I was lucky.

My score for the first game was embarrassing. (Up on the screen with my face!)

“How do you do that? ” I asked my niece.  She made it look so easy.

“I look at the pins and throw the ball at them.” she replied with a puzzled look.

FLOWER had been focusing on the floor.

I only looked at the pins after I let go of the ball,  when it was too late to matter.

My scores began to climb because I started looking at the target.

Keep your eye on the pins and throw the ball at them.

So simple!

Why didn’t I think of that?


What is a Chrismon?

The term Chrismon is a combination of two words, Christ and Monogram.

The original Chrismon ornaments were designed by Frances Kipps Spencer in 1957.

She gave her designs to Ascension Lutheran Church of Danville Virginia.

The original designs are patented.  I am not sure which of the ornaments shown are official “Chrismons.”

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Troutman, North Carolina has the most beautiful Chrismon tree that I have ever seen.

Years ago I was involved  in making some of these ornaments with our pastor’s wife, Rosalind.

We drove to an official Chrismon supply store. The special wire was cut, the beads were counted. These were not the buy-by-the-bag materials. The beads had names and numbers.  Templates had to be followed with precision.  Each had its own list of materials.

I was more of a glitter and glue girl back then.(Still am.) I only completed ONE ornament, and that took several weeks.

When you see a Chrismon tree in a Lutheran church.


Take a closer look.  The details of these ornaments have meaning. Some include the secret symbols of early Christians.  Greek letters have meanings, also. The gold represents majesty and the white stands for purity.


Cross and Crown

Serpent lifted up

Communion Chalice, Christ’s blood

Grains and the cross

Bell, God’s word

Butterfly, resurrection

Alpha Omega, beginning and end

Lamp, light, word of God

Rose, Virgin Mary

I always look forward to seeing this tree in our lovely sanctuary.

Along with our Nativity scene waiting for the baby to arrive.



Desperate Deer

There is nothing like a good snow to let you know

what goes on in your yard while you are not looking.


The tracks tell the tales of who did what, where.

This last snow confirmed what we all ready suspected.


The deer are desperate for food.


They devoured all those rogue Kwanso daylilies on the bank during the snow.

Now they are eating the iris


and the azaleas


and Mondo grass


and even the Holly ferns.


Feed them Flower, you may think.  Save those desperate deer.

What am I going to do?

Nothing.  I have done too much all ready.

I have filled my yard with juicy vegetation

which keeps the females fat and fertile.

A female feasts.  A female fattens.  The doe goes into estrus.

Next she is pregnant and eating for two or three.


Then she is a hungry nursing mother.

Soon the fawns need my flowers, too.


Now, we have a hungry herd.

Feed them?  So the cycle can repeat again?  So the herd can get even bigger?

To slow down this cycle, there must be limited food.

I have made this artificial environment.

I am not Mother Nature. I have upset the balance.

So I must let them destroy my gardens,

until they eat it down and go away or stop reproducing.


Winter Lights

On a night so cold and dreary, I was out all warm and cheery.

The North Carolina Arboretum has a Winter Lights display through December 31.


It was colorful, exciting and wondrous.

There was a giant tree at the center with lights that danced to music.


There were even chairs for folks to sit and watch this tree-show.


The quilt garden which is usually planted with patterns of bright flowers,

featured patterns of colorful lights which changed rhythmically.


There were sparkling dresses


and chandeliers in the trees.


Even the tiny Bonsai trees were showing off.


Reflections in the water doubled the joy.


Our favorite were the glowing purple flowers


growing on a glistening arbor.


The NC Arboretum is celebrating our season of ice and snow


with holiday music and a happy glow.


Happy Holidays



Saving Mona

Just as I am basking in the Schlumbergeras’ glory,

Gold Schlumbergera, with pink tint due to cooler temperatures.

something starts snacking on my Mona Lavendar.

At first I thought Mona was just losing leaves,

but where did they go?

Then I saw the tell tale (and tail) signs. (Pun intended.)


Poop from a caterpillar!

Here I am thinking everything is blooming and growing,

while Mona is being devoured right under my nose.


A gardener must never rest.

Even in winter, at night time, inside.

Stay vigilant folks.

While you are waiting for Santa, you may be visited by a Grinch-green, eating machine.