Chipmunk Rescue

I glanced down at the pond as I passed by. I spied something brown on the water lettuce.

It was the size of a frog, but had fur and was shivering.

Rose and I sprung into action.

We got a rake and scooped that scared baby up.

It sat in the pine needles shivering for a bit.

Its mama came for it and led it under the walkway.

Then she returned many times to look me in the face as if to say “Thank you.”

My heart is full.


Rooting in the Sky

Tiger Splendens’ bulbils are getting ahead of themselves this fall.

They seem to be preparing to jump from the mother plant.

Many have enlarged and grown roots while still clinging to mama.

I had noticed that some bulbils seemed to be nibbled on.

I wonder if the mama alerted her babies to bail out early?

Plants do communicate with other parts of the plant and neighboring plants.

I will be placing these in shallow pots of peat.

These are the grandbulbils of my first Tiger Lily.

This mama plant was a baby in 2018.

Bulbils grow up so fast these days!

Grandma Flow

Dew Diamonds

Fall mornings are the perfect time to find dew diamonds.

You must carefully time your hunt.

The dew left on the leaves and flowers must settle and condense a bit.

Then you wait for the sun to creep over the horizon.

The sunlight turns each tiny drop into a prism.

You must be at the proper angle between the sun and the dew.

You must find the diamonds just as the sun does.

The sun steals them quickly, you see.

I am rich!


Lifesaver starfish Plant

This plant throws its parts around. No nearby pot is safe from a well tossed arm.

When this plant arrived from Logee’s, I sent back a complaint that the pieces were not even rooted yet.

Their short response was…It does not matter. Now, I know why. No roots needed. Neglect necessary.

Something must have signaled this Huernia zebrina /Lifesaver Plant to bloom now.

Huernia zebrina

Each pot, no matter its location, is blooming.

Its blooms are too perfect to seem real.

Huernia zebrina/ Life Saver Plant

It thrives on neglect with full sun and very little water.

This may be the perfect plant for you “Black Thumb” folks.


A Sun and a Star

Several sunflowers were not decapitated by the deer.

I was happy to see their bright faces.

It seems that this Mammoth Sunflower is having a conversation with this Texas Star Hibiscus.

Both plants are over five feet tall.

My grandmother had this hibiscus at her home.

My mom passed along some seeds to me.

I was happy to see a sun and a star enjoying a summer afternoon.


Phlox and Friend

The Orange Perfection Phlox is blooming despite the heat.

It loves to lean on the rocks and dangle its blooms.

My little friend seems to like it also.

Sweet little bouquets, just chipmunk size.

Orange Perfection Phlox


When the Fear Leaves

I sit quietly and watch the world.

I am in hiding. I am vulnerable. I have one wing.

My arm must be treated like a fragile newborn.

The pain causes fear, but it will leave and I will heal.

Then I will do the tasks that I can only tisk at now.

I will take clear photos with a heavy camera held steady.

I will write true words with a keyboard using ten fingers.

When the fear leaves, I will be me again.

I will be fearless.

But for now, I will silently heal with a hopeful heart.

One Wing

A Ripe Butternut

I am still in a sling awaiting surgery, so Mr. Flower must do all the heavy lifting.

His chores now include picking the large produce.

I told him it was time to pick some of the butternut squash.

He asked how he would know which ones needed the picking and which the leaving.

I had never been asked such a question. I knew the answer but how to tell someone else was the puzzle.

I had to walk myself through the garden to get an answer.

When a butternut is ripe it looks pale-skin-pink like a rubber baby doll under the leaves.

Not green.

Not yellowish.

Only the pale skin colored are ripe.

Mercy! I am glad Mr. Flower is picking these. That whopper might blow out my other shoulder.