Our Book is Not About Flowers

If you know of a child who has epilepsy, their family may benefit from our book.

This has been decades in the making. It follows my daughter’s journey with epilepsy from diaper to dorm room.

I wrote it for parents. Ours was a lonely journey with many twists. I want to help other parents who are trying to raise a child with this disorder.

It is full of personal stories and insights…but not flowers.

Maybe my next book will be about gardening.

Flower/Seizure Mama

Fungus Flowers

All it takes is rain for the fungus flowers to appear.


Even in winter, the bonnets bloom.

Perched on stalks like tiny parasols.

Raised only inches high to open their tops

and stretch out their gills


to spread their spores

to sow some more

fungus flowers.


Season Lessons

I appreciate the snow because I know I will miss its whiteness and brightness.

I celebrate in the white confetti falling and clinging to everything.

I listen to the rain with a glad heart.

I will miss its cool drops in the heat of August.

I wish the warmth of summer could stay in my bones through the chill of winter.

Each season has its lessons of gratefulness and faithfulness.

During winter, I have faith in spring.

I know that in the soggy, cold soil are future flowers.

Snowdrops, crocus, scilla, narcissus and tulips.

I know because I put them there. I planned for spring.

I believed in spring during a crisp and colorful fall many years ago.

Even in the cold, dark winter. I have faith in spring.

Everybody needs some spring in their heart.





2 Much 4 Me

I don’t have to go anywhere. The action comes to me.

Yesterday, there was a pine on our power line.

It was smoking and sparking.

Then a big truck came to cut it down.

In the meantime the river rose.

Then all this mess settled down and around.

While all that was going on, two birds (red and blue)

with too little brains and too much testosterone attacked the windows all day long.

(Hmmmm. What does this remind me of?)

There was so much action here, that I had to go to the city to find a little peace.

This country living is NOT for the faint of heart.


Winter Survival Tips

I am having to pull out all the stops on this blah day.

The rain shows no signs of stopping.

I must stay inside. I must stay up.

I will be staying near my giant blooms of ‘Pink Surprise.’


I will be drinking coffee out of my Barley cup.


I will be writing book reviews on gardening books.

I will thinking about spring.


That’s how a flower survives winter.



My Life in the Lee

When I saw this still spot in the water, it reminded me of my upbringing.

I was raised in the lee of life, protected and supported.


Away from danger and turbulence.

Protected by ever-vigilant parents.

You would think all that life in the lee would make me weak, but that is not so.

It saved my strength for the real battles.

Saving my child has taken endurance.

These battles have been long.

We survived because of my life in the lee, saving my strength for saving my family.

That’s how families work. They protect you, you protect them.

Now I am forming the lee for my children and my aging parents.

I am ready Daddy.  It’s my turn now.




Scared of a Pencil

I am scared of a pencil… or maybe it is the paper.

I have wanted to do botanical sketching for years now.

I have pencils. I have sketch books.

I have props and prompts.

I cannot seem to get started.

I have even read books about sketching and online programs.

I am going to look at the books again.


and maybe doodle on the paper.

I may even color in a coloring book.

Maybe if I just sit around holding the pencil

something will happen.


Playing Inside

People give me fairies as gifts. I have some new ones.


Lily and Rose have their own solar-lit houses.


It is sweet to see them glowing in the windows at night.

I adore my new Turtle and Dove set of fairies.


When I must stay inside, it is nice to have a little company to play with.





My New Motto

Winters are rough for a gardener. I have to keep myself busy to stay up.

I plan projects and read insightful books.


I have been reading these three books while I take my shifts with my dad at rehab.

This is a tough time for a man who is used to being active and in charge.

I look at every situation as a life lesson. Some lessons are harder than others.

I may have to hang my new sign in his room.


My Night-blooming Cereus seems to have the same philosophy.


It has put up these long stalks reaching toward the skylight.

We all should reach up or reach out when things get dark and difficult.