Bold and Beautiful

I know that I have referred to these as my garden clowns.

They are too big and too bright to fit into the landscape.

‘Pink Surprise’ Amaryllis

The truth is they are crazy happy outside and grow bigger and better than they ever could in a pot.

‘Moon Scene’ Amaryllis

I give myself a different one each Christmas.

I have lost some in the past, until I developed a method of planting that protects them from rotting or being eaten.

The secret is lava rocks. I make a nest of rocks around each as I plant it.

This “lava rock nest” improves drainage and discourages diggers and munchers.

Now they survive and thrive in the garden.

All the other flowers pale in comparison to these show-offs.

I need their audacious blooms in the winter, so I keep collecting them.

‘Half and Half’ Amayrllis

They continue to grow and multiply and upstage the other flowers in May.

I do love my bold and beautiful garden clowns.

Stay tuned for more clowns and a famous actress.


Dangling Gems

I was given a few pieces of this epiphyllum years ago.

It has grown slowly.

It hangs in my sewing room among the drying laundry during the winter.

In the spring, it gets moved into a Crepe Myrtle.

It is stingy with its blooms, but each is spectacular.

The bloom is lovely from every angle.

I see why it is called an “orchid cactus.”


Oh! Those Poppies

I blog about these same poppies every May. I hope that continues.

My poppy population gets smaller each year despite my efforts to save and share seed.

I would hate to lose these treasured flowers from an old friend who is no longer here.

Bill Troutman gave me these seeds decades ago.

The singles bloom first, only a few doubles have appeared so far.

I cannot imagine a more beautiful plant, bud, bloom or seed pod.

This is one of my most valued plants.

I hope it will continue to dazzle me every spring forever.

Daddy’s Bluebirds

I have been telling folks that my daddy has been sending bluebirds to check on us.

It makes my friends smile, but I doubt they believe me.

Two evenings ago, while I was sitting in one of my “Spy Chairs” here comes one of daddy’s bluebirds.

It perched in the tree about eye-level to me and my camera.

Then there was a blur and another tiny bird perched beside the bluebird.

I thought it was a humming bird that I had been taking photos of earlier.

When I downloaded my photos and zoomed in I saw it was a warbler instead.

Maybe daddy is trying to tell me I need some new glasses. Ha!



There is no finer flower than a double peony.

The singles may produce many more blooms,

Krinkled White peony

but every double bloom is a delight.

Duchess de Nemours

The blooms need to be supported, especially during rains.

They are worth all the work.

I love everything about every one.

Karl Rosenfield peony

My favorite blooms late so you will have to wait for her.

She demands her own grand entrance, just like the famous actress she is named for.


Iris in April

The rainbow of colors has started in the iris beds.

Pink was first as Persian Berry bloomed early in April.

Persian Berry Iris

Thunder Echo was second with its deep burgundy edges and tan frilled top.

Thunder Echo Iris

Taco Supreme joined the group yesterday.

Taco Supreme Iris

Little Much has been set apart so as not to be crowded by others.

Little Much Iris

Banana Frappe burst out brightly this week.

Banana Frappe Iris

Just this morning Night Affair opened its hatch to guide pollinators to its treasure.

Night Affair Iris
Guide markings for pollinators. Brush hairs below.

These are the colors of my Iris Rainbow on this lovely April morning.

My garden blesses me over and over.


Fire Spinner

Delosperma ‘Fire Spinner’ surprised me today.

It burst into flames in the bright spring sunshine.

This variety of ice plant loves to nestle against rocks and creep into crevices.

It looks perfectly happy along the stone wall.