Winter Lights

On a night so cold and dreary, I was out all warm and cheery.

The North Carolina Arboretum has a Winter Lights display through December 31.


It was colorful, exciting and wondrous.

There was a giant tree at the center with lights that danced to music.


There were even chairs for folks to sit and watch this tree-show.


The quilt garden which is usually planted with patterns of bright flowers,

featured patterns of colorful lights which changed rhythmically.


There were sparkling dresses


and chandeliers in the trees.


Even the tiny Bonsai trees were showing off.


Reflections in the water doubled the joy.


Our favorite were the glowing purple flowers


growing on a glistening arbor.


The NC Arboretum is celebrating our season of ice and snow


with holiday music and a happy glow.


Happy Holidays



Throwing Snow

While most folks are shoveling sidewalks and driveways,

the Flower is diligently digging snow off her deck.

Why would I make a path to nowhere?

The bunnies, of course.

Their yard in under the deck. They have not been out for days.

They dislike snow, but more than that, they hate to be dripped on.

Before they can leave the comforts of their bunny room in the basement,

the snow must be removed.

Melting will not do, because melting means dripping.

It’s been a tough week inside for the bunnies.

Barley seems depressed.

It could be indigestion. He ate some bristles off the broom while my back was turned.

Charlotte is bored. She has been throwing the hay pan in protest.

They have been keeping busy inside. But they need to get back outside.

That’s why I shoveled a path to the deck railing.

So I could throw snow over it to the ground below.

It’s all about the bunnies here.

If you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Flower.  He’ll tell you.




Shame and the Snowmen

Back about twenty years or so ago, we only had one nativity scene.

My daddy made it, so I loved it.


It was brown. Flower does not like brown things, she likes green things.

There were only two wisemen and no camels.

Or maybe they were shepherds, but there were no sheep either.

It was hard to tell Mary and Joseph apart. They both seemed to have beards.

Jesus was square.  Poor Jesus.

So this brown, hodgepodge nativity scene was set up in the basement.

The shame occurred in my Sunday School class.

We were discussing the true meaning of Christmas.

Our class was sharing stories of all the distractions of the holidays,

that put Jesus in the “basement.”

Flower, being the open-book fool that she is,

shared the information that her Jesus actually was in the basement

and that our main floor was decorated with colorful snowmen.

Some good Lutheran gasps were heard ’round the room.

So every year since, I have found one special Nativity scene to add to my holiday decorations.

Just to remind me what Christmas is all about.

See any snowmen?


Saving Mona

Just as I am basking in the Schlumbergeras’ glory,

Gold Schlumbergera, with pink tint due to cooler temperatures.

something starts snacking on my Mona Lavendar.

At first I thought Mona was just losing leaves,

but where did they go?

Then I saw the tell tale (and tail) signs. (Pun intended.)


Poop from a caterpillar!

Here I am thinking everything is blooming and growing,

while Mona is being devoured right under my nose.


A gardener must never rest.

Even in winter, at night time, inside.

Stay vigilant folks.

While you are waiting for Santa, you may be visited by a Grinch-green, eating machine.



Saved by Schlumbergeras

Just as the days get too short and the nights too long

and my garden outside dies from the cold,

my Schlumbergeras come into their glory

and bloom with explosive profusion

to show me that a FLOWER

can survive and thrive

inside in winter

and so shall I.



The Supreme Schlumbergera

It is so difficult to choose a favorite Schlumbergera bloom.


How can one possibly pick a favorite among these lovely and vibrant contestants?

It takes an experienced judge to discern which one should be given the honor.

Should it be salmon, orange, fuchsia, red, white or pink?


The competition is tough, but not Ruth-less.


Our wise judge seems to be pointing to the salmon-colored Schlumbergera truncata.


Such an appropriate and well-thought-through decision.

So the salmon Schlumbergera has been selected Supreme for 2018.

Great call RBG.  Keep up the good work.





Life Comes to You

I was expecting a quiet and lonely day today.

I even slept a little late, thinking I would not miss anything by sleeping in.

But sometimes life comes to you.

I turned on my computer to find a message from “Another Mother” half a world away.

I have another blog you see.

Her crying made me cry.  I messaged my family, especially Rose.

Then there was all this noise. Chain saws?

I looked out my window to see a man high in a tree.


The memories flooded back to the days I climbed trees.

I can remember being high up in an oak looking at the moon.

Me up a tree. Those were the days.

So as I write this, there is a lot of noisy action going on next door.


Quiet and lonely?

I have a new friend in Vietnam and an acrobat performing out my window.


Glad I got out of bed.

I would have hated to miss all this.