Stargazer Pollen

The most beautiful lily on the planet has a flaw.

It’s its pollen.

The anthers (male parts) start out harmless.

They surround a single long, green pistil (female part).

As the flower matures, the anther ends turn inside out.

This exposes the pollen which looks like rust dust.

It stains anything it gets on.

Flower shops usually remove the male parts of lilies.

This avoids issues caused by pollen, but changes the look of the flower.

I love Stargazer lilies, but I am not a pollen fan.

Their scent is heavenly, but keep your nose away from those anthers.



P.S. Stargazers, like other lilies, are poisonous to cats. 

Tiger Grandbulbies

I saved the bulbils from my Tiger Lily ‘Splendens’ two years ago.


I potted them and they grew into tiny little lilies last summer.

This spring I put them in the ground.


They have grown up tall and are now blooming.


I find it very satisfying to raise a second generation of special plants.

Tiger lily ‘Splendens’

I think these are exceptionally beautiful.


It’s the spots that get me.


Granny Flow

Another Passion Surprise

This ‘Blue Crown’ hybrid Passion vine has surprised me again.

First surprise was that it survived the winter outside.


I actually noticed it growing during the warm patches.

Second surprise was that the blooms move the female parts up or down depending on some unknown reason. I am hoping GEORGE will eventually explain this.

Third, the vine has started producing lovely orange fruits for the first time ever.


My fourth surprise occurred when I opened a “pop” to discover…



Who knew? (Probably you.)

All this from just one plant.

I know…I am easily entertained.


Lessons from my Garden

Nature is my teacher. I listen to its lessons.

My garden has been telling me things I need to know.

Maybe you need to know these things, too.

Things do not have to be perfect to be beautiful.(Glad with pink spot)


Share your harvest with your friends. (Eaten poppy seeds)IMG_2774

Just because it is not what you expected, does not mean it is not good. (Should be purple)


Sometimes you will need some support to stay up. (Climbing okra) Hang on!


Do not give up on things. ( I was going to take this hydrangea out for not blooming)


Not all queens wear crowns. (Sovereign Queen daylily) and Shrub Queen


“Pests” can be adorable. Love them instead of killing them. (Baby grasshoppers)


Some friends can pick your favorite flowers for you because they know your heart.

Changing Latitudes (from Joyce)

Even when you don’t feel it, there is still some magic nearby. (Fairy garden growing without the fairies) I miss my magic.


One little thing can make a big difference. (This is a Passion fruit from my Blue Crown Hybrid Passion vine. I first saw it in Italy covered in its gorgeous blooms and orange fruits. To see it in my yard is a thrill.)


Everyone needs at least two bunnies. (Barley and Charlotte)


Waiting for a sign is worth it.


I have been waiting for the Eagle for years. Yesterday, he came to me. (Thanks Linda)

Peace is with me.

All I have to do is listen.



Lucifer Everywhere

I am not referring to the devil, despite our current horrible situations.

Lucifer is a crazy beautiful plant that I share quite often.


There are other Crocosmias in other colors, but this guy is the king.

Crocosmia crocosmiiflora, Monbretia, ‘Lucifer’ is its proper name.


It shows off for weeks in June and July.

It will need some support when the blooms develop. It likes to lean.


If you do not have this plant, put it at the top of your wish list.


If you are local, I will share some next year.


Send me a request, so I can pot some up for you after it blooms.


I wish it did have a sweeter name that doesn’t seem evil.


I still love it.