Stokes Aster is a Star

I am so thankful for this beautiful and easy plant, Stokesia laevis ‘Peachie’s Pick.’


When other flowers start to wilt and fade in the July heat, it steps it up.

I do not give this one any special treatment.

I divide it every few years.

It has thrived wherever I plant it.


No wonder it’s ‘Peachie’s Pick’ Stokes Aster.

Whoever Peachie is, she know her plants. Butterflies like it, too.



The Poisonous Palm

This plant is called a Sago palm, but it is not a palm.


It is however, poisonous if ingested.

It is an ancient plant called a cycad.

Cycas revoluta is its scientific name.

Its fronds are stiff with leaflets that have pointy, scratchy tips.

I water it rarely except in the hot summer.

It puts up a new crown of leaves in June. This takes about two weeks.


This new set of leaves is almost as big as the ring from last season.

I have read that you should leave all the old leaves, but I never do.


The whole plant will get hauled inside for the winter.

The bottom ring will turn brown and ugly.


I will remove it.

I do not know whether this is a male or female.

It has never put up a cone or basket.


Maybe that’s because I stress it every spring by amputating the ugly, old leaves.

So my advice is. Cut off the ugly parts, but do not eat them.

Flow on the Sago



My Bleeding Heart

This is Bleeding Heart vine, Clereodendron thomasoniae.  It is also called Glorybower.

It is one of my favorite vines.

I cut it back and feed it in early spring.

Then all it needs is sun and water.

Take cuttings to share with friends. These root easily in water.

It grows up its trellis and blooms all summer long.

My heart loves this Bleeding Heart vine.

Flower loves her Glorybower.



Grandma Sedum

I shared a post about this sedum back in June.

I nicknamed  it “Mama Sedum” because of all the babies on the leaf margins.

A fellow garden blogger, Rusty Duck, kindly supplied its proper name Bryophyllum daigremontianum.

It can also be called Kolancho daigremontianum, Mexican Hat plant or Mother-of-Thousands.

We will be calling it “Grandma Sedum” now because the plantlets have gone and propagated right there on their mama.

This is a first here. The babies have had babies.

Kids are in such a hurry to grow up these days!

At least get off your poor mama before reproducing you little parasites!

Good thing this sedum cannot survive our winters.

It is probably a big pest down in the deep south.

But I love it here in Zone 7.  It can be a great grandma for all I care.

Congratulations Grandma!


Stargazer Crazy

It is hard to miss this show-off in my garden right now.

If you are not looking in its direction, its fragrance will turn your head.


This Stargazer Oriental lily/ Lilium orientalis has doubled in size since last summer.

The only drawbacks are the staining orange pollen and that it is toxic to cats.


(I do not have a cat, but needed to share that for my cat-loving readers.)

Stargazer Oriental Lily


Some flowers are beautiful. This one is crazy beautiful!



A Real Parade

I was thrilled to get to watch a parade that did not require hot glue and poster putty.

This real parade was in the mountain town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

I will spare you commentary.  Enjoy the parade.











I will mention my favorite character in the parade.  Let’s call her Sparkle.




She came through three times. I think she cut the corner and came back around.

I love a parade!


A Fairy Fourth

American freedom is a thing to celebrate.

The fairies realized that a party was in order and planned a parade.

There were prizes awarded for the best decorated entries.

Carie the Tooth Fairy won for her bike decor.


Several floats were constructed.


Tink enjoyed riding on one of these.


Queen Mona decorated her carriage.


A patriotic tear drop trailer joined in.


Even the onlookers were in costume.


Wingrid stayed awake for the festivities.


Ruth lead the proceedings, of course.


My favorite entries were the little kids in wagons.



Happy Fourth of July!


Thanks to my friend Barbara S. for the parade idea.


Happy Birthday to my favorite little boy, Rudy A.


Happy Birthday America.



The Blitz is Done!

I am hoping that some of you will be sad that my June blog blitz is over.

I myself am relieved to be done.

Now for the data.

Did posting every day run up my stats? Yes

Was it worth it? No

I felt like I was my own Flower Twitter tossing floral confetti out into cyberspace.

If this is what it takes to get an agent and publisher, I may have to pass.

I will be quiet and rest up for the FAIRY PARADE on Thursday, July 4th.

I will be going back to my usual two or three posts per week.

I hope you folks aren’t too awful disappointed.

Slower Flower