Bunny Frenzy

A tornado of activity has hit the bunny room in the basement. Charlotte, the female, is hauling every scrap of straw and blanket into the hutch. She is moving so fast, I can’t even get a clear photo of her. She’s a blur of fur!


She tried to tear off pieces of my shoes while they were still on my feet.  She even stuffed the end of a curtain into her mouth and tried to pull it down to carry it to her nest.


I have witnessed a false pregnancy in another female rabbit, Fluffy, years ago. This is more drastic and urgent. She cannot stop tearing up boxes and material and hauling them into the sleeping room of the hutch.


This activity started last night and reached a fever pitch during a storm this morning. After adding the final touches with her own hair, she was finally satisfied with her nest and came out to rest.


Barley, the male, seems puzzled by her urgent activities. He did try to comfort her at one point, but does not feel the need to help with the nest building. He was neutered months ago and has not been his usual frisky self since.


Barley is more of a thinker than a doer. He seems to sit and ponder life’s questions.  Where does hay come from? When will mom fill up the food bowl? Will the “fresh” tonight be carrots and cilantro or apples and Swiss chard?  I wonder…

I hope Charlotte won’t be too disappointed when no babies arrive. I will leave the nest for a while and see what happens next.

If there are babies, I will be getting a big, ole refund from the vet.

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Orchid Ornaments

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree,

How lovely are your orchids?


Here are the living ornaments.

Here is the marvelous tree.


It is not just a white Christmas here at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.

Pastel pink and purple made a lovely combination.



Here, we have a “tropical tree” with bromeliads and Schlumbergeras.

I felt the urge to sing my “Song of Schlumbergera” in front of this one.


This tree with burgundy, red and yellow mixed with different textures is as magical as the nearby fairy houses.

IMG_7062 IMG_7057




This is only a fraction of the beautiful sights at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont , NC.

It is one of my “heavens” on Earth, along with Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina.

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Bloom Day December: Blooms & Bees

I did not expect to have blooms to share in December.

I am not the only garden blogger with surprises.

Visit maydreamsgardens.com to see late blooms from around the globe.

Superbena Royale Cherryburst
Nandina domestica
Apricot Drift Rose
Pineapple Sage
John F. Kennedy Hybrid Tea Rose
Jean May Camellia sasanqua
Mexican Bush Sage
Dorothy Wykoff Andromeda, Pieris japonica
Foster Hollt
Foster Holly
Honey Bees on December 15, 2015


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Paper Gardens

When all my real plants go dormant, I play with paper plants, flowers and birds.


First I take the back two layers off of the napkin and cut it into pieces.


I paint spots on the object with Mod Podge glue using a sponge brush.


Once the whole object is covered with napkin pieces, I let it dry.

Then, I check for bald spots and paint the whole thing again with diluted glue.

This is when you can sprinkle it with glitter.



If you don’t add glitter, you may want to spray the balls with a clear acrylic spray to seal them.


It’s addictive this decaupage.


I actually have a napkin collection.


In the late fall, I decorate Christmas ornaments.


In the early spring, I switch over to Easter eggs.

2014 eggs 003

I invite friends over to play with my napkins, glue and glitter.

It’s like being in kindergarten again.

Fun and messy.

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In a Tiny Vase on Monday


My family gave me this vase/pin years ago. I have always been a flower, you see.

The full plante view.
The “full plante” view.

The long pin has a capped end.

Rosie hanging around after the photo shoot.

Water must be shot into the vase with a syringe.

Rosie hanging around with coffee after the photo-shoot.

Go see more vases at ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com

Cathy, Is there a prize for the smallest vase?

Rosebud pin.
Rosebud pin at work.

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Burning Lights and Floating Berries

I spent last night in one of my favorite places on Earth.


One of my “heavens” is Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina.


It was especially blissful this weekend, because in addition to amazing sculpture and plants, they added MILLIONS of lights.


The event is called “Nights of a Thousand Candles.”



The thousands of burning candles were accompanied by millions of lights wrapped around shrubs,  dangling from tree limbs and artfully highlighting the giant oaks and their mystical Spanish moss.


Candles were floating in glass orbs in the many water features.


Colorful glass sculptures were lit to make a magical glowing garden.


Just when I thought I had been dazzled to my heart’s content, I walked into the Brown Sculpture  Court to be knocked over by the most lovely display of all.


The central canal contained Poinsettias surrounded by millions of floating cranberries. The color combination was magical.


My sister and I will be going back next year and taking our parents. This was a dream.




Not to mention the live music and tasty food. Did I mention model trains?


Now that folks, is how we celebrate in the south.



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