Come and visit the southern garden of a biologist.

Sisters, two peas
Sisters, two peas

Posts may be about current events in my garden. These posts will include photos with identification and information.

It’s not all flowers here. We are visited by lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles and many birds and insects.

He thinks he's all that!
He thinks he’s all that!

My two rabbits, Barley and Charlotte, have their own snack bar of an herb garden.

Charlotte and Barley
Charlotte and Barley

We grow vegetables, as well as, annual and perennial flowers and flowering shrubs.

I am a vine enthusiast, so different vines will be featured.

Mad moth disturbed while drinking at flower
Mad moth disturbed while drinking at flower

Our family has several ponds for Koi, shubunkins, frogs and water plants.

King Koi
King Koi

I also blog about trips that I go on. These trips usually include gardens.


I am always on the look-out for unusual plants.

If you know of an out-standing garden or interesting plant, send me a message.

Physalis alkekengi
Physalis alkekengi

I will be glad for tips from a new gardening buddy.

Follow the Flower.

My newest bulb has shown it's lovely face.

31 thoughts on “About

  1. You inquired about fairy garden decorations at our booth at the Evening Farmers Market. Our source is: FactoryDirectCraft.com Hope you find what you need. See you at the market. Susan

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  2. Caroline just told me about your website. It’s beautiful. One day I hope we will get to see your garden and you in person. Love to your family❤️


  3. Love your picture in the Peas.. 🙂 and your garden, along with Charlotte and Barley… Look forward to seeing what we grow in our various climates.. 🙂 Many thanks for the follow 🙂 Sue 🙂


  4. Dear Flower,
    Of all things, I found your blog today (2/21/18) while searching for an answer to a mysterious blob we found in our lake last summer, confirmed by me to be bryozoa…fascinating. Anyway, though I am on the opposite coast, I am enjoying your photos immensely, since I am a flower lover and amateur photographer with a developing fondness for fungi.Thank you!

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  5. Hi Becca, this is Vanessa Moody, the decoupage lady! I just wanted to ask a few questions. How many ladies would be interested in a decoupage class? What would be their favorite thing to decoupage? What time of day would be best?
    I look forward hearing back from you. I would like to organize a class soon in the Elkin area.
    So good to meet you at my favorite shopping place!
    Thanks, Vanessa

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  6. Hi there! You left a comment on my blog about luffas, and I wanted to share with you what my friend Judie posted for you. I wasn’t sure if you’d see her response, so here it is:

    “I am guessing at what I am about to suggest, so if you try this maybe pick one that is not your favorite. My suggestion is to soak them before you try to peel them. Immerse them in water. Cut off one or both ends so the water can get inside, you will probably have to weight them down. After a while…a few hours, overnight…? I don’t know it’s an experiment. This is what I had to do here in Indiana because I had to pick mine while they were still green (but HUGE) after a hard freeze killed the plant. Sometimes the peal just pulled off super easy, others I used a spoon to help separate the peel from the inside. When I tried peeling them without soaking first it was a bit of a disaster. I also squeezed them around a bit to help the peel loosen from the insides the way people sometimes do to citrus before they peel it. Then I just let them drip dry. The seeds I planted this past year were given to me by someone who did this to there plants (they also grew here in Indiana) and the soaking/drying did not seem to affect their ability to grow when planted. One more tip she taught me was sometimes you can pour some hydrogen peroxide on the brownish spots and it will bleach the spots out. Cheers to you and all your Luffa. Loofa. Loofahs!”

    I also left a reply for you. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it! Liza


  7. Hi Flower Roberts, This is Amie Inman from Organikos. One of your recent comments got into our spam folder and I hit delete all before that Blink moment of realizing that I recognized your icon. I’m terribly sorry about that. Feel free to redo the comment, I will be more watchful in future. And congrats on getting your vaccine!


  8. You had my attention with the photo of your rabbits. We lost a family pet rabbit a couple of years back, and I still miss him. I use to take him outside when I worked in the garden, and he would sit in a puppy pen and check out the world. They have wonderful personalities, and I think make great pets.

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