A Tree for All Seasons

I was fascinated by an unusual tree at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.

Its name is Chinese Parasol Tree, Firmiana simplex.

It had several features that were of interest.

One was its green bark which had an unusual texture.

Also, its leaves were huge and complex.

It had a nice shape overall that made it attractive from a distance.

This may be a tree for all seasons.


Sparkle and Splash

What is it about water movement that mesmerizes?

I could have sat by the crown fountain all afternoon

listening to the sounds and watching the glistening spray.

As a science teacher, I referred to water as the miracle substance

because of its properties as a solvent and its three phases at natural temperatures.

There is more to water than physics can explain.

It’s movements and reflections are more art than science.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden has a water show going on

even when the flowers are taking a break.

The many fountains, pools and canals deserve their own attention.

The afternoon sun gave the splashes plenty of sparkle.


Twisted Twigs

We visited Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont, North Carolina today.

I was especially interested in a new artist installation that I had not seen.

‘The Magnificent Seven’ is by Patrick Dougherty.

This Stick Work piece was big enough for folks to walk through and play in.

I think it is a lovely addition to the garden.

FLOW at the Stowe

(More to come water features, planters, a magical tree and anoles)

Grandiflora: Gamrath Glass

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens has a magnificent exhibit on display throughout theĀ  grounds right now.


It consists of many giant, colorful glass flowers created by Jason Gamrath.


I will share just a few to give you a sampling of this wonderful installation.


He made large-scale renderings of flowers with colorful glass.


There were various types of orchids, pitcher plants, Venus flytraps and more.


I loved the colorful Corpse flower.


The pitchers in water were especially lovely.


The flytraps looked beautiful but dangerous.


These beautiful blooms towered overhead along the paths.


I sure do hope I get to see the Gamrath Glass at night before it leaves on

September 29, 2019.




The First Twinkle

If you want to see the magic as it appears, you must pause at dusk.

As the sunlight splits into its various colors and those fade and darken toward grey,


there are moments of both light and darkness combined

that show the shape of things as they shadow.


That is when lights give their first magical twinkle.


I saw it all last night at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont.


I was there for the holiday lights, but got a glimpse of magic


here and there among the gardens.


Happy New Year