My Amazing Camellias

The blooms always stop me. I have to pause by each shrub. I must touch a flower.

White By the Gate is blooming for the third time since February.

Professor Sargent’s blooms are too heavy for its limbs.

Each looks like it belongs on a lapel, perfectly round and tight with petals. Just add a pin.

Professor Sargent Camellia

Perfectly formed. Too pretty to pick.

White by the Gate Camellia

I will take some to my mama if the freeze does not burn them brown.

How could something so beautiful just appear here? All I did was plant a twig.

If you are a gardener, you understand my amazement.

Miracles appear each day in spring.

Bringing me back to life.

Hold on folks. Spring is sneaking your way. HOORAY!


Snow White and Rose Red

My two Camellia japonicas blooming has reminded me of a fairy tale,

Snow White and Rose Red (Schneettweichen und Rosenrot).

‘Professor Sargent’ Camellia japonica

My sister and I had some relation to this story.

She was a redhead and I a blond.

‘White by the Gate’ Camellia japonica

That is where the link ends…I hope.

As with most fairy tales,

the good little girls turn the monster (bear) into a prince and marry him and his brother.

Mothers, let’s rewrite these PLEASE.

Leave in the good and kind,

but change the reward to a self-fulfilling ending instead of a wedding.


(No offense Princes.)