On the Other Side of This

On the other side of this storm, there will be sun.

You be that here.

On the other side of this sadness, there will be joy.

You be that here.

On the other side of this chaos, there will be calm.

You be that here.

On the other side of this hunger, there will be plenty.

You be that here.

On the other side of this hate, there will be love.

You be that here.

On the other side of this world, we will be one.

You will be there.


The REAL Exotica Bloomed Correctly

The replacement bulb for Amaryllis Exotica has bloomed.

It has the expected color and striations.

The apricot color definitely has a red shimmer in it.

I feel sorry for the original bulb, which will now be stuck with the name,


They are both lovely. Both will be cared for, nurtured and loved.

Though only one has a pedigree.

FLOWER (Plant Mama)

You Gotta Get An Epimedium

I love hundreds of types of plants.  I am in love with a dozen or so.

The twinkle in my eye during March belongs to my yellow Epimedium.

It peeks out from under a Pieris japonica bush and an Autumn fern.

Its butter yellow blooms dangle from wiry stalks like tiny lanterns aglow.

A perfect place for a fairy to read a book.

Even the leaves are lovely.


Squirrel Snack Bar

My maple tree is now a popular hangout for my little furry friends.


They are eating the samara fruits off the tree.  These are also called whirlbirds or helicopters due to how they fly in the wind


I love watching their little paws picking the nutlet bundles.


Sometimes they even hang upside down to pick them and perch on tiny twigs to eat.


I wish I could climb up there with them.


Surprise Snow Party

Flaky confetti fell last night.

Nature was partying as we slept.

Now my flowers are covered in flakes.

Wearing snow on their heads like fancy fascinators.

At least none look hungover.

Sneaky snow.


Sneaky flowers.

Sneaky spring.


Two to One

Sometimes flowers merge.

This is especially true for the cutest daffodil in the world, Tete a Tete.

It tends to grow two flowers to a stem.

Sometimes the two get smashed together.

Sometimes they fuse together.

Occasionally they join into a Siamese-twin type of flower.

These are at first noticeable due to their extra petals and larger cup/corolla.

If you look closely, you will notice two pistils, the female part , in the center.

Also double the number of stamens(male parts) surrounding them.

If you cut these blooms open, you will see there are still two separate ovules in the double-sized ovary.


Little Lanterns

Columbines come in many sizes and colors.

My largest have purple blooms.  My most numerous have pink blooms.


The white bloomers stand out in shade.

My favorite is named Little Lanterns/ Aquilegia canadensis.


It usually resides in a hypertufa trough.

I put it in the ground over the winter to avoid freezing.

The pencil shows just how tiny it is.


The blooms look like tiny glowing lanterns.


I will be moving it back into a trough.

I had to lie down flat on my belly to get these photos.


Dirty again. I must remember to clean off the pencil before putting it back behind my ear.


Subtle Beauty

I do love an occasional screaming flower.

But my heart belongs to the quiet ones.


The ones with the dainty detail, that makes you look twice and pause.

Like this Picotee Amaryllis.


Yes it is white, but with a green throat and a hint of red around the margins.

Beside the screaming red and white “incorrect bloomer”, it may be overlooked.


But let it stand quietly alone, it inspires awe.