Tidy It Up in July

I know it is hot!

Our temperatures are in the 90’s in North Carolina.

I also know that the weeds are growing fast due to our afternoon rains.

My garden is like a sauna in the afternoons, so I must work in the mornings.

I get all my tools, bug repellent, hat , bandana scarf , gloves and bucket together.


I make a big bottle of 1/3 Gatorade, 1/3 water and 1/3 ice.

I march myself outside and refuse to come in until I have done

my proposed section of garden.

I ride my little cart or sit on a snow disc on the hills.


Right now is time to clean up bearded iris and daylilies.

Bearded iris before cleaning. Keep in rows for easy access. I clean mine several times per year.

My method is to cut plants down to 8 inch fans, remove stalks and totally clean out around each plant.


If you have any plant diseases, you need to dip your shears in a bleach solution between plants.

Here is yesterday’s pile of cuttings and weeds.


I will put fresh mulch around the cleaned up plants in several days.

I can divide and move things around later, but it is important to clean up so as not to move problems with the plants.


MY NEXT POST will be on dividing bearded iris. Stay tuned for that.