Busy and Not Busy

I don’t have to look to know who is Busy and who is Not Busy in the bunny yard.

Where ever I hear noise, I know I will see a blur of black fur.


Then I must peer under things to find my barley brown bunny,

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 229

quietly napping or watching the trees.

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 245

Charlotte is usually on the move or moving dirt.

Charlotte digging 024

Barley can be found quietly meditating.


Usually, they only spend time together while eating


or snuggling.

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 063

But one day Not Busy made the mistake of napping too close to Busy during an excavation.

Charlotte digging 010

Busy dug dirt and kicked it behind her.  Not Busy got dirty.

Charlotte digging 021

Busy bulldozed dirt away from the excavation site.

Charlotte digging 015


Not Busy began to disappear under the soil.

Charlotte digging 004

Busy disappeared into the hole.

Charlotte digging 023

Busy continues working. Not Busy continues meditating.

Charlotte digging 007

They both stopped to pose for a picture. I think he’s smiling.

FLOWER fills in lots of holes.

13 thoughts on “Busy and Not Busy

  1. I think Barley and I could become great friends…something nice about being ‘not busy’ 🙂 Always good to have both around ~ great photos and of course wonderful commentary.

    Liked by 1 person

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