Worm? Snake? Worm Snake?

I am always careful when I use a shovel.

I have friends in low places.

I dug up this little critter while planting my amaryllis bulbs out in the garden.


Too big for a worm .   Tiny eyes, gray back, pink belly and a sharp tail.


It is a worm snake, Carphophis amoenus.

Its name does not come from looking like a worm.

It comes from the fact that it eats worms.

It did not like the sunshine and kept hiding its head in my fingers.


It finally calmed down and posed for some photos.

I was amazed when it swung its head around and looked me in the eye.

Careful with those shovels. You never know who you will meet underground.



Snake on the Glass

There is no privacy at our house.

The bunnies had to stay in during Saturday’s storm.

Their friend came to look in on them.


I felt bad not letting this cute little guy in out of the rain.


He left after his quick check on his two furry friends.


We have such nosy neighbors.

I may have to put up some curtains.


My Fair Weather Friends

It’s just like some to show up only when things are good.

Here are two of my buddies that appear when the sun shines.

Slim is not our biggest nor boldest.  He is an acrobat.


I sit and watch him move as though I am the one being charmed.


Plop decided he needed to down-size this spring.


He usually perches overlooking the Koi pond.

Since the largest fish is now huge,


he feels more secure by the door in the Shubunkins’ above-ground pond.


FLOWER loves her friends.