A Pond with a View

We are very fortunate to have a great source for koi and water plants

just a short drive away from us.

Gayle’s Koi in Catawba has been our choice for buying koi and water plants for years.

She has a huge pond full of gorgeous giants.

Butterfly Koi with flowing fins

It is on the side of a hill and seems almost like an infinity pond.

Look at this view!

My son and I went to get several small koi and some water plants last weekend.

water hyacinths
water lkettuce

Water plants are needed to help shade the water during the hot months here in the south.

My son picked out two colorful fish from one of her holding tanks,

while I wandered around enjoying her garden art and unusual plants.

If you are local, I will pass along her contact information.

Gayle is the best.



An Oasis at the Beach

One of the highlights of my recent trip to North Myrtle Beach

was a visit to Tropical Nursery on 25th Avenue South.

It was within walking distance of my beach-front condominium,

but felt as though I had left the American shore for the southern hemisphere.

The place had an interesting selection of tropical plants.

Unique pieces garden art were displayed throughout the nursery.

I especially loved the giant triangular canvas that shaded the potted plants.

What a treasure to find near the shore of South Carolina.


The Bluestone of Boaz Vaadia

There was a visiting sculpture exhibit at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden.

The art was by an Israeli-American, Boaz Vaadia (1951 – 2017).

Sculptures were displayed on the lawn. They appeared friendly and playful.

Yo’ah with Dog by Boaz Vaadia

Small, bluestone homonids were posed doing various tasks.

Shimshon by Boaz Vaadia

Some were accompanied by their little bluestone dogs.

Each little stone man had personality.  I am sure the folks that work there (and the bird) will miss these little guys when they move on to their next location.

This Boaz Vaadia exhibit at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens was supposed to end on May 6, 2018.  I am so glad we got to see it.


Sculpture with Spirit

Ann Norton’s Sculpture Gardens at West Palm Beach, Florida was full of rare plants and huge sculpture,

but was never overwhelming or cluttered.  I need that skill.

Each large piece was carefully placed in its own palm grove alcove

to be discovered and experienced separately.

Ann Norton’s huge ‘Gateway’ pieces were formed from handmade brick. They were engineering marvels.

Gateway 4
Gateway 5

These two peices were made of bricks from North Carolina.

I especially loved the huge Horizontal piece in its own canal.  It’s bricks are from Mexico.  I love art that can be interpreted in many ways.  Ann Norton’s artwork left room for the imagination.

The ‘Seven Beings’ grouping of giant human figures could have been from the ancient past or the distant future.  They were not intimidating despite their size.

I loved how “someone” was looking at you no matter where you were standing.

Ann Norton ‘Seven Beings’

They stood silently in their own alley of palms. The individuals were slightly separated, so that each could be considered on its own as well as part of the “family/tribe.”

Each Being’s pose seemed to send some message through body language. I should have taken more photos of these. They were worth studying.

Ann Norton ‘Seven Beings’

Her former studio was open to be examined. I always find the workspace of others fascinating and inspiring.

Ann Norton Studio

In addition to her sculpture, there was a visiting exhibit of fabulous work by Israeli-American artist Boaz Vaadia and two hundred and fifty rare palms and cycads.

No, I will not be posting all 250 of them.  You wish!

Stay tuned.  Those are coming next.  The Florida blog blitz will continue.

FLOWER in Florida


An Art Outing

I love to go to places that sell art,


just to enjoy all the talent I don’t have expressed by others. (kind of like dance class)


Today, I visited the Wooden Stone in Davidson twice.


Once before lunch to take pictures, and again after lunch.


During lunch I looked at all my photos to check for quality

and to decide what pieces I had to have.


Mr. Flower was with me, so this limited my purchase capabilities.


It’s okay.   I know how to get back to the lovely little town of Davidson, NC.

Look for this lovely bench out front.


I got two of the things photographed.


I won’t tell which two because they are gifts and of course all my friends read my blog.


Oh, more suspense!

I really wanted this cutie-pie for myself.






Glitter, Glue and a Friend or Two

When it gets cold, the Flower has to play inside.

So I invite friends over to make things.


This weekend, a group of creative folks decorated all sorts of things with napkins.


I have a napkin collection you see.  I search far and wide for beautiful napkins.


My friends do, too.  Then we get together and share our paper treasures.

We sit around a big table covered with supplies: ModPodge glue,  glitter, scissors, sponge brushes and paper plates to work on.


We peel napkins down to one ply, cut them in sections

and glue them onto anything we care to embelish.


There was a wide assortment of objects.


There was also some new talent at the table.


I always enjoy watching other artist at work.


I learn something new every time I have a “workshop.”


It’s a cheap thrill.

“He is the richest man, who has the cheapest treasures.”


I love my napkin collection, but my friends are my treasures.



Carving Magic

I met an amazing artist, Tom Gow, at the Moses Cone Estate last weekend.

He was out on the front porch demonstrating his craft.

I wish I had had the time to watch him work. He studies the shape of the wood and lets it guide him on what form it should become.

Tom makes whimsical pieces of art out of various types of wood and from the bark of dead Canadian Cottonwood trees.

He had been carving for about ten years, when he saw an article in a carving magazine about bark carving. He took a class from the artist in that article. His love of the bark carving shows through in these magical pieces.

My favorite is the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.  This is Tom’s favorite, also.

I also thought Rapunzel’s Tower was wonderful.

The tiny, crooked details in each piece make it special and unique.

Tom is a member of the Southern Highland Artist Guild.

His contact through them is http://southernhighlandguild.org/tombarkcarving.

FLOWER on the Move.