Ode to Barley

I truly hope this is my last sad post for a long, long time.

Barley my precious, brown bunny had to be put down on August 4, 2020.

He had many health issues. It broke my already broken heart to let him go.

I first saw Barley when my family went to a pet store to purchase fish.

Bunnies again 013

It was love at first sight. This was December 2014.

I did not want him to be lonely, so I had Rose pick out a girl bunny.

Bunnies 002

Barley and Charlotte have been like two peas in a pod.


Always together. Always entertaining. Unbelievably cute.


Here is my last photo of my precious Barley.

His back legs no longer worked, but he happily continued to eat and scoot.

Charlotte has been in mourning, but seems to have finally forgiven me for taking her boy.

BELOW are links to my favorite bunny posts.





You can see from these posts why I love them so much.

My world is small.

Losing my daddy and Barley this summer has made it painfully smaller.

I have written many posts about my daddy.  Type “my daddy” in the search box to see them.

Hopefully Flower will get back to her flowers.



19 thoughts on “Ode to Barley

  1. I’m so sorry. I had a friend once who had a pet rabbit for years, and his grief when he lost her was as deep as that felt by any cat or dog owner. I hope that both you and Charlotte can mend soon.

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  2. So sorry Becca. Fur kids are such an important part of our family. Hugs and love friend . Barley is running free again. Love Charlotte extra.


  3. Barley is running free again..the best thing for him. I hope you can think about another friend for you and Charlotte sometime soon. I still miss Charles, my big spotted dog – we had to put him down two years ago Monday.


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