Amazed by a Spadix

I had to divide and conquer some Mojito Elephant Ear plants/ Calocasia esculenta.


They had grown so many roots that they filled up the filter basin for the Koi pond.


Instead of water flowing back into the pond, it was flowing out onto the ground.

I am so glad I was outside working and heard the top pump sucking air.

When I arrived at the pond, it was half empty.

A massive fish kill was diverted.  Whew!

OK,  back to the Mojitos.


The plants were as tall as I am, so to handle them for re-potting,

I had to remove some foliage and blooms.

I brought the blooms inside for a closer look.

This form of flower is referred to as a spathe and spadix.


It has a male part at the apex and a female part at the base.

I peeled away the outer sheath/spathe to expose the floral parts.


Then I sliced into the darkly spotted female part covered in florets/fruits.


Under the microscope I smashed these little florets/fruits to release some seeds.


I sliced off part of the yellow outer layer of the male floret part.


The yellow powder/ pollen has an interesting shape.

I must say the spathe and spadix makes an ugly flower, but its components are beautiful under a microscope.