If I’m not Weeding, I’m Reading

We had some snow here today, so the weeds had to wait.

I made progress in several of the books that I am reading.

I only read non-fiction right now.

My last book of fiction made me so mad that I tossed it.

I can read books simultaneously if they are dissimilar. Otherwise, I get them confused.

Tristan Gooley’s How To Read Water is a hit with me.  It is even better than his book, The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs.

A Woman’s Place is at the Top by Hannah Kimberly is a fascinating story of the mountain climber, Annie Smith Peck.  I admire her determination, but she was not as civic-minded as my two heroes, Marianne North and Beatrix Potter.

Gretchen Rubin inspires me with her thoughtful pursuits at improvement.  I have just started Happier at Home,  but I really enjoyed her book, Better Than Before. 

Elizabeth Kolbert is a really great science writer. Do not let the “science” deter you. Her book, The Sixth Extinction is on my top ten list.

In case you are wondering what the bunnies do in wet weather, they chew on sticks.

I caught Charlotte wistfully gazing out the bottom panes of the French doors today. I know she would hate it out there in the cold, but she still wanted out.

They enjoyed eating bark off of fruitwood sticks. These are now ready to burn.

Tomorrow will be sunny, so I won’t be eating so much…I mean reading so much.



6 thoughts on “If I’m not Weeding, I’m Reading

  1. Interesting collection of books, I’ll take a look on AmazonI It’s been sunny 70s here in the Bay Area the last few days. Tomorrow it is down in the 50s and raining – I’ll be eating – oops reading tomorrow 😀.

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  2. A most intriguing book selection – I only know Elizabeth Kolbert. Read her book The sixth extinction which is brilliant (and so sad). I often read several books, one in bed, the next in front of the fire in the evening. Love books 🙂


    1. What a great plan. It seems you would not get them confused and have a book at each reading spot. The extinctions will be sadder if they continue. The story of the last auk pair made me sad and mad.


  3. Here, winter is colder than ever! We didn’t have much winter until the end of January, but since then it jas been dead cold. Right now it’s 12°F and I’ve got to keep the fire burning in the stove all day. And we’ve got a lot of snow as well. A lot! So, I’m reading too. A doctoral dissertation on Virtual Reality Art Plays. But every now and then I take a walk in the whiteness: http://attsmakalivet.se/kropp-sjal/2018/03/perfekt-vinterestetik


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