Two Baby Birds in a Frog’s Belly

My neighbor told me about this.

I thought things were amiss.

So I walked down to see,

about the three chickadee.

It turns out, by chance

he had a hole in his pants.

The mama went in to rest

and then built a nest.

Two eggs she laid,

Two babies they made.

We all think it’s sweet

to hear his pants tweet.



Loons in the Morning

If I had not gone and fetched my camera, nobody would believe this story.

I am, after all, in North Carolina.   I do see an occasional lone Loon visiting on the lake.

But I have NEVER seen a Loon flock?  Is that what it’s called?

This morning I was out inspecting my gardens after forty-eight hours of rain.

(Good thing those ditches got put in properly!)

I heard a whoosh along the tree-lined shore.  Dozens of Loons were entering the water after roosting up the bank.

More and more kept plunging into the muddy water. I ran in to get my camera.

I could not believe my eyes. The Loons were diving and stretching their wings like they were conditioning them.   Over and over I observed this behavior. Dip and stretch.


They began to align in the water, all pointing southward.  The running and flapping started in groups. Wave after wave of Loons lifted off.  Running across the top of the water,  loudly flapping their wings until getting airborne.


I couldn’t take my eyes off of this noisy spectacle. I lifted my hand in solute as they departed. All I could say was,” I don’t know anything. ”  There were tears in my eyes.  Nature is one miracle after another.

If I had not been out for those brief moments, I would have missed the whole event.


Had I missed this every spring? Was this flock here due to the storms pushing them inland or southward?  Was this the new normal?

All I can do is take photos and report. I don’t know anything.  But I can still learn!


Light Landing

I see my hawk friend about every day,

but not usually this close up.  It looks like a broad-winged hawk.

Luckily, I was wearing my camera when it decided to land in the tree nearest the house.

I watched it glide toward me and land on the branch covered in snow.

It stayed for a few moments.  Notice the snow on its head.

I was thrilled to finally get a good look at my flying friend.

I fly in my dreams.