Coffee Scales

I have a Coffee Tree in my living room. I have petted it for two years now.

It has doubled in size due to careful feeding and watering with “banana water.”

I was excited to see little buds forming at the base of each petiole.

Future blooms for the first time!

My joy quickly turned to consternation when upon closer examination

I discovered scale on several leaves and branches.

Scale insect at the base of the leaves.

Those nasty scale parasites had invaded my precious Coffee Tree.

So out comes the Q-tips and alcohol. For another scale massacre.

The dead bodies were appropriately collected in a coffee cup.

I sang my “Killing Them Softly” song as I murdered the flat sticky foe from leaf and stem. ‎

I am happy to report that my Coffee Scales are gone.

I had two other emergencies last week. Stay tuned for these.


Green Coffee Beans

Have you ever seen coffee beans growing on trees?


I had this experience recently.

My adventure started out as a trip to a new little Colombian restaurant, Orobi Cafe’,

Orobi’ Cafe Coffee from Troutman, NC

just outside the town of  Troutman, NC.

They had large photographs of coffee trees and some small coffee trees in the cafe’.

This lead to an exciting conversation about the family growing their own coffee beans.

I was invited to come to the greenhouse to see the indoor coffee plantation.


Lovely Maria is the grower of the non-genetically-modified Arabica bean trees.


All her plants come from one seventeen- year-old “mama tree.”

Arabica coffee tree


I have been invited back to witness the days of flowering in May.

Now, I have another reason to look forward to spring.

Just in case you were wondering, yes, I came home with my own little coffee tree.