I’m All Ears

Is there an elephant in the garden room?

An elephant ear that is.

There are many reasons why I love these plants.

I love how their leaves catch the breeze.Little ones dancing

It looks like a party with each leaf doing its own dance.

I love how the midrib of the leaf channels water down below,

like a good tropical plant should.

Sharing the rain drops.

non-variegated leaf pattern

Each leaf has a different color pattern,

even the non-variegated kind.

mosaic mojito leaf
differing pattern
Patterns like a mosaic or hieroglyphics.
Marvelous venation.

Their venation is an architectural marvel.

The huge leaf stands out from the stem

like an

umbrella on its handle.

Now that you love them, too.

Let me bend your ear and tell you their secrets.

Their Latin name is Colocasia esculenta.

They grow from Taro corms, not bulbs.

They like water and will even do well

in the shallow edge of a pond.

They must be dug in the fall after the stem freezes and bends over.

If you leave them out for the winter, the parent will turn to pink mush.

Pups may survive and grow from the dead parent corm.

These will come up in June or July.

Friends, Romans, countrymen…

Follow the Flower!

Just Add Water.

Add a splash of fun with some water gardening. You don’t need a pond.  Any watertight container can be filled with water plants and several fish. I use shubunkins in the patio pond.  They are hardy, colorful and eat larvae.

All ponds need shade. Don’t have a fish fry on your patio. Add plants to shade the water.  These can be floaters like duckweed, water hyacinth, parrot’s feather and water lettuce.  Also potted plants with height add dimension and shade. Little Tut and smaller water lilies are good for smaller ponds.

Once you are hooked, you will be grabbing a shovel  and digging up your yard.

My son put his pond under his bedroom window. He can check on it from his desk.  The downside of  having a pond under your bedroom window is when the frogs are “a wooing”, there is a cacophony of mating calls. I find the call of the Peeper especially irritating. It’s like adding nails on a chalkboard to a symphony.

Little pond plants King of the Koi pond.LeoSnail

Cluster of flowers on a four foot tall stalk.
Cluster of flowers on a four foot tall stalk.
water lily
water lily

Follow the Flower!