The Fight for Flowers

It is hard work protecting my precious plants from the local deer herd.

I have to be diligent. If I wait, it is too late.

This week I noticed the front of my ‘Professor Sargent’ Camellia japonica was missing.

Yes. the entire front of an evergreen shrub had been eaten overnight.

Good thing I keep a selection of posts and fencing handy.

Now Professor Sargent’s front and flowers will be safe.

‘Professor Sargent’ Camellia japonica

I circled the yard to check on ‘White by the Gate.’

White by the Gate

It was safe and blooming inside its year-round fencing.

Edgworthia also has its own enclosure.

I am not sure if the flowers would get eaten, but the leaves were nibbled on last fall.


I guess I will start enclosing my daylilies as they sprout.

No point in growing snacks for the local wildlife!


Gardens on Cloth

Rain and cold have kept me inside far too long.

I have surrounded myself with bright colors and pleasing objects on cloth.

Mandalas, moths and microbes.

The threat of new variants has kept me sewing masks longer than I had intended.

Birds, bird houses and diatoms.

When the weather improves, I will be in my garden.

Microbes, gnomes and mushrooms.

That is where I belong.


Mrs. Pibwib

I sincerely hope that Mrs. Pibwib will make an appearance today.

She has been gone far too long.

The house is in complete disarray.

The chaos and clutter are beginning to be a distraction.

Things are not where they should be.

Only she can sort out mess of this magnitude.

Only Mrs. Pibwib has the skill to Put It Back Where It Belongs.

If you see her, please send her my way.

She is desperately needed here.

FLOW / no feng shui

The Covid Thong

I wasn’t expecting witness pandemic porn on my outing to buy mask materials.

I was innocently looking at sturdy 100% cotton cloth, when I noticed another customer chatting it up with the employee who cuts the fabrics.

The employee’s face was my first clue that something was amiss.

The older, hefty customer was buying a lot of lace and tulle’.

I had to do a triple take after glancing at her face.

Where there should have been a full coverage mask was a tiny patch of black lace.

Her nose played peek-a-boo as the air from her nostrils blew the lace up and down.

I felt as though she had exposed herself right there in that store that plays Christian music.

Her husband silently stood by her side in his whitey-tighty mask.

I couldn’t just whip out my camera, so I tried to discreetly peek from behind a 30% Off sale sign.

I wanted to remember every detail so I could draw one when I got home.

I tore this photo from a magazine. NOT the actual thong wearer. (Sorry lady)

No! I will not be making Covid thongs to give away.

Maybe someone will pass along the idea to Victoria’s Secret. They are experts at making things that don’t cover what they are supposed to.

Maybe that woman was Victoria? She was buying quite a quantity of lace!