Evidence of a Stalker

While searching through my many files for a certain photo,

I noticed a disturbing trend.

Someone has been using my camera to take hundreds of photos of a certain two individuals.

There are pictures of them eating, lounging, cuddling and even using the toilet.

What was even more disturbing is that there is an inordinate number of closeups of their backsides.

Whoever is doing this is obviously obsessed with these two and has a booty fetish.

I am looking into the issue and gathering evidence.

I am pretty sure I know who the perpetrator is, but I won’t divulge her identity.

Bunny Mommy

If you think it’s difficult to get a Christmas photo with children in it,

you need to try it with bunnies.


Barley took to the hat without complaint.


He also likes to be held, so this part of the photo-shoot went easily.


Then there was Charlotte.


The first photos had to be redone, because I left the photo card in the computer.

The repeat performance was even more lively than the first.


She bit her hat and then climbed me like a tree.


No blood was shed, so I consider this a success.

These two are such fun.

They are a lot of work, but worth every bit, or should I say bite?



FLOWER/Bunny Mommy

Busy and Not Busy

I don’t have to look to know who is Busy and who is Not Busy in the bunny yard.

Where ever I hear noise, I know I will see a blur of black fur.


Then I must peer under things to find my barley brown bunny,

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 229

quietly napping or watching the trees.

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 245

Charlotte is usually on the move or moving dirt.

Charlotte digging 024

Barley can be found quietly meditating.


Usually, they only spend time together while eating


or snuggling.

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 063

But one day Not Busy made the mistake of napping too close to Busy during an excavation.

Charlotte digging 010

Busy dug dirt and kicked it behind her.  Not Busy got dirty.

Charlotte digging 021

Busy bulldozed dirt away from the excavation site.

Charlotte digging 015


Not Busy began to disappear under the soil.

Charlotte digging 004

Busy disappeared into the hole.

Charlotte digging 023

Busy continues working. Not Busy continues meditating.

Charlotte digging 007

They both stopped to pose for a picture. I think he’s smiling.

FLOWER fills in lots of holes.

Bunnies out, Bulbs up

I have been telling folks that my bunnies are as big as the neighbors’ beagle. Now I have a photo to prove it. Thankfully, I had my camera with me photographing bulbs when this encounter went down.

Charlotte standing her ground.
Barley. To dig or not to dig? That is the question.
Alberto Costello Starflower
Anemone blanda

I spent every day last week sliding up and down the hills on cardboard.

No, not for amusement!     I’ve been digging weeds.

Spring is just around the corner in NC.  Wait for it………

Follow the Flower to spring.

Wild Hare

There has been a new development with the bunnies.

As I exited my workshop this morning, I heard chewing noises coming from under my work table outside the door.

I bent down to to see which bunny was under there. To my surprise, I saw neither. I paused and heard the sounds again.

This time I looked into the shelves. Guess who…


Miss Busy Bee was up in the shelves snooping through my gardening supplies.

If this is rabbit adolescence, I’m going to need some back-up.

Just this morning I had to provide separate “toilets” because one of them insisted on doing their business BESIDE the litter box.  Now,  there are separate but equal facilities.


What next?

Don’t follow this Flower.


Bunnies in the Doghouse

Things are finally returning to normal in the bunny room. I sent them both outside while I cleaned out the “nest” today.


I watched them as they came in to see Charlotte’s reaction. She seemed to have forgotten the frenzy.  After checking the room to inspect my cleaning, she lay down in her usual spot in front of the door.



Barley got reacquainted with the litter box.


But… All is not well.

While moving the treadmill to its new location, a discovery was made.

Bunnies must chew, you see. I apparently did not provide enough fruit-wood sticks at some point.  Teething continues, sticks or no sticks.

I had removed the plug-in cord from the treadmill, but had failed to notice a loop projecting ever so slightly out the bottom. This loop was not missed by the keen eyes of the bunnies.



I went out yesterday and got myself new gloves and a quick-dry scarf.  I guess I’ll be doing my walking outside until the cord is ordered and replaced.

Walk with the cold Flower.




Bunny Up-date

Charlotte’s nesting activity has slowed down.

She has, however, banished Barley from the hutch.  He now resides in the Christmas box under the foosball table.



She did allow him a brief, supervised inspection  of the nest this morning.


When he approached her earlier today, she made a warning sound to let him know to back-off.

At least they still eat together.


She is still pulling hair.


She leaves clumps around on the floor and then gathers them up.

With all the hair in the nest and trash, I don’t see how she doesn’t have bald spots.


She and Barley are out in the yard now. I hope a change of scenery will be good for her.

Follow the False Pregnancy.

Bunny Frenzy

A tornado of activity has hit the bunny room in the basement. Charlotte, the female, is hauling every scrap of straw and blanket into the hutch. She is moving so fast, I can’t even get a clear photo of her. She’s a blur of fur!


She tried to tear off pieces of my shoes while they were still on my feet.  She even stuffed the end of a curtain into her mouth and tried to pull it down to carry it to her nest.


I have witnessed a false pregnancy in another female rabbit, Fluffy, years ago. This is more drastic and urgent. She cannot stop tearing up boxes and material and hauling them into the sleeping room of the hutch.


This activity started last night and reached a fever pitch during a storm this morning. After adding the final touches with her own hair, she was finally satisfied with her nest and came out to rest.


Barley, the male, seems puzzled by her urgent activities. He did try to comfort her at one point, but does not feel the need to help with the nest building. He was neutered months ago and has not been his usual frisky self since.


Barley is more of a thinker than a doer. He seems to sit and ponder life’s questions.  Where does hay come from? When will mom fill up the food bowl? Will the “fresh” tonight be carrots and cilantro or apples and Swiss chard?  I wonder…

I hope Charlotte won’t be too disappointed when no babies arrive. I will leave the nest for a while and see what happens next.

If there are babies, I will be getting a big, ole refund from the vet.

Follow the Frenzy.