Tigers with Spots

Color is a function of light, so variations in color are caused by differences in the reflection of light. If you are a photographer you know that morning light, high noon sun and evening sunlight change the colors of the same subject. This is true of my Tiger Lily ‘Splendens’ petals and spots. Most of these photos do not exhibit the peach and plum that I love so much. Only the evening rays reflect these hues. The are gorgeous no matter the light. An added bonus is that the local deer do not love them.

I have three generations of these Tigers now. I raised the second and third from bulbils that I removed from the stems in the fall. I have these tall beauties scattered throughout the gardens. They tower over everything else at their five feet plus height.

Tiger Lily ‘Splendens’ Double

The blooms are double/complex and open incrementally, another layer peels back each day. The bottom blooms open first in the array.

I cannot think of any other flower that has such delicious spots except the foxglove. I am fascinated in variations in coloration of blooms and leaves.

Plum spots on peach petals

I love Tiger Lily ‘Splendens’ in any light.


My Reading Porch

Now that I have the attention span of a gnat, I have to avoid all distractions to concentrate.

Gone are the days of coffee shops reading, studying in the quad or listening to music as I read. I must put my brain in time-out with a book.

I usually read non-fiction. I am trying to gain insight into man and nature since I become more perplexed and puzzled each day. I am avoiding all feeds and media and going back to the printed word. I can slow my reading pace to a speed that suits me. I ponder with a pencil in hand.

I got this bistro set for the porch for my birthday last week. I had to unclutter and clean the space. I added a few pieces of art and a tiny wind chime that sounds like tinkling fairy music.

It is my new haven. My space without dishes and laundry. No phone. Leave me alone.

If you need me and cannot find me. This is where I’ll be.


Bowing Fronds

When the fronds bow low, I know that the there are loads of spores on the underside.

I will always be amazed by the alternation of generations involving the spore.

They are neatly arranged in dots/sori underneath each frond on the Autumn Fern.

The light colored ones have burst open.

Autumn fern sori

The darker sori are still encased in their clear cover.

Autumn fern sori

When your ferns bow low, look for the amazing spores underneath.

FLOW on the frond

Lovin’ Some Lucifer

Montbretia ‘Lucifer’ demands attention wherever it grows.

Montbretia ‘Lucifer’/ Crocosmia crocosmiiflora

I have it on banks, at corners and along walkways.

The only thing ‘Lucifer’ needs to be fabulous is a little support while blooming.

Its rocket red blooms are on long arching stems in a triangular pattern.

The red and yellow buds are beautiful also.

It grows from little brown corms similar to gladiolas.

Anyone who loves red flowers and hummingbirds should grow some ‘Lucifer’ in the garden.


P.S. A New Zealand reader shared this link about Lucifer being a pest in some places. I have added it below. Lucifer has been in my gardens for years and has not presented itself as a problem…yet. It is super easy to grow which may mean it is super hard to kill


My Three Devils

I want to begin by saying that I believe in the evils of man. I pity the plants that are given such names. These will be loved by me despite their assigned, evil names. As luck would have it, my next blog post will be about ‘Lucifer’ Montbretia. They are heavenly right now.

My friends, the Popes, delivered their last two Devil’s Tongue plants yesterday. They have purged them from their gardens. I am happy to be their new mama. I have a lovely spot for them picked out.

I put all three pots together for a photo.

The little sprout poking out in the pot to the right is the now infamous Amorphophallus konjac from earlier posts. It is to my great relief that the accidental castration did not kill it. https://floweralley.org/?s=Amorphophallus

The mishap was fortuitous because I never would have uncovered the ‘brain’ bulb had I not be concerned over its survival. https://floweralley.org/?s=Devil%27s+Tongue

I love the umbrella plume of foliage.

Amorphophallus konjac

The stem has unusual markings.

I will update you on the three Devils when they are settled in to their new home.


Light Peach & Dusty Plum

My two favorite colors together is a strange mix. I would never have considered them paired until plants did it.

This is the third time that I have found them together.

I did not mean to purchase a plant this year, only pine needles. But when my heart jumps, my purse opens.

This is the ONLY plant that I have bought this year. I know that is hard to believe. There is a story…maybe a book?

Who can ignore a name like ‘Peachie Keen’ when one sees it?

The second example is budded up and will bloom in a few weeks. The first will come last, hopefully it will bloom again soon.

Stay tuned!


The Color That Gets Me

This is my color of dreams. I am obsessed.

Call it salmon, coral or peach.

It draws me toward it whether food, flower, clothes or jewels.

This color speaks to my soul.

It catches light and makes it magic.

South Seas daylily

If you know of a flower this color, send me its name.


Fore Bitten Blooms

The deer came during the night and nibbled the buds off before some daylilies bloomed.

I can tell which types are the tastiest because the entire plant is mostly decapitated stalks.

They do not just eat buds, whole arrays of open flowers are devoured.

CLICK ON EACH PICTURE TO ENLARGE. ( Lavender Rainbow, Peacock Alley, Moonlit Masquerade, Dixie Boy, Strutters Ball, Yabba Dabba Doo, Mabel Nolan, Good Shepherd, Appolodorus, Sebastian, Smoky Mountain Autumn, Purple Pinwheel and Daring Deception as feature)

At least I still have daylily photos to enjoy!

I took down my hanging fence rings for a photo shoot and failed to replace them. I also needed to purchase more green poles. No need now. I have plenty. Hi Ho

I do not mind sharing, but sometimes my wild friends are a bit greedy.

I guess this colorful smorgasbord is irresistible.