My Morning Visitor

I look out the front door every time I pass through the foyer from one side of the house to the other. On many a morning I spy my little friend, Chip, sitting on the bench outside. I have tried several times this week to get its photo. It disappears so quickly that sometimes I wonder if I imagine these visits.

I finally got its photo this morning. It is cold. We had frost. My friend moved more slowly than usual.

I am glad to have evidence of these visits because something happened here. I do not know for sure, but I fear some human put out poison. My gardens used to have many little friends darting around as I worked. Some of them got so used to me that they would stop and watch me.

Then one day this summer, they all disappeared. I did not see any for weeks. My neighbor and I discussed this. She would text me to report a sighting. We were relieved to see even one. Now, there are two or three at the most. I know there are at least two because one is very small.

They skitter across my acorn strewn deck filling their cheeks with the best acorns. The little one looks comical with his bulging head and tiny body. I like to think that the small one is the baby I rescued from the fish pond.

I do not put out food. That creates dependency. I do grow plants that provide food for them to forage.

When I see my visitor on the bench, I wonder if it remembers the Ground Cherry ‘Goldie’ that grew in a pot on that very spot for two summers. They would climb the plant and shake down the fruits. I enjoyed watching this trick.

This is one of the joys of gardening, the visitors that come.


The Goose Choo Choo

I knew they were coming around the bend in the river before I saw them.

The cacophony of honks gives away their location.

I also knew they would be in a line.

One parent in front like an engine, the other bringing up the rear as the caboose goose.

I did not know how many cute little fuzzy ducklings would be swimming in between.

I wish I knew what they were saying. Are they barking out orders to their goslings?

I would also love to see their feet paddling underwater. The smaller ones must paddle faster.

I look forward to their visits each spring. They waddle up my neighbors ramp to eat their grass.


Fox with Moxie

This young fox seemed right at home on the neighbor’s pier.

It’s boldness is unusual, but it is young and hungry.

It was aware of my presence, but not alarmed.

I bet I have been spied upon as I wander and work outside.

I am happy that this lovely creature has chosen to hang out here.

No worries about Charlotte, she is enclosed in a fortress built to keep out coyotes.

The fox belongs here, Charlotte is the immigrant.

Nature rules.


My Friend the Frog

It’s nice to have company during quarantine.

This critter has taken up residence under the table on the deck.


This is it’s fourth day in this warm spot.


I am happy to have this new little neighbor.


Stay safe folks.


Foiled by Two Photos

I had big plans for the bunnies.

They were moving outside.

I have spent months working on a pen inside the bunny yard.

There are now two barriers between them and danger.

It has fence, hardware cloth, mesh,

plexi glass, polyethylene and metal.

(Shower curtains will be replaced by metal when Mr. Flower has time to help.)

There are boxes, tunnels and a hutch.

They even have market lights on a timer!

It is quite elaborate and a bit messy. (Sorry neighbors)

But it was all for naught.

My plans have been foiled by two photos from the neighbors’ critter cam.

The first is of three raccoons. I was aware of one, but now feel outnumbered.


The second is the hind end of a rather large coyote.


Years ago one tore down some fence and left a dirty paw print on the window screen.

THUS, those two messy bunnies will continue to come inside at night.

We can’t have them partying with these wild ones.

Mama needs her sleep.




Teeny Tiny Frogs

They are living jewels perched on the water lettuce leaves.


Their colors range from green to gold.


They are the tiniest friends I have.


They are precious to me.

I have visited them numerous times each day to get them habituated to me.


They no longer dive in or hide.


Their tiny brains have learned to ignore my shadow.

They even look me in the eye now.


Such brave little frogs!


My Wild Friends

There is action 24/7 here at Flower’s garden.

It’s hard to get any rest.

The frogs and toads are raising a ruckus out front to all hours.

Mortimer, Front Porch Frog

Just when they get done with their revelry,

my blue friend starts pecking the window out back

Blue, Back Deck Bird

It’s hard for me to be nice with so little sleep.

I guess that’s why Ricky ran away when I tried to pet him.

Ricky, running from Flower

Flow is too old for her wild friends.

I may go take a nap, while its quiet.



Toad in a Trance

I suspect these high temperatures tricked my toad out of his torpor.

I am sure my snooping around weeding and cleaning also disrupted his winter rest.

He spent all day yesterday perched on this rock at the top of the wall.

I checked on him many times yesterday. He was unresponsive.

I did not touch him for fear he might plunge to his death, if disturbed.

He was still precariously perched last night when I went to bed.

This morning, I was pleased to find him in a less exposed location.

He has moved to a space between stones, not far from the hole he emerged from.

He still won’t look at me, maybe he blames me for early emergence. Typical toad attitude.