A Few Sunny Minutes

During the few sunny minutes yesterday,

I took pictures and planted some dahlias that I had started in pots.

Everything is wet here in North Carolina.

At least we do live high on a hill, so no flooding worries for our house.

The gardens….are like pudding.

So while we are inside again today. Here are some sunny pictures from yesterday.

My memorial day photo is first.  A red Asiatic lily with a blue dragon fly.


I also include my favorite little Asiatic from my daughter’s  lily garden below.


It’s the tiny two in the middle. Named ‘Tiny Bee.’

Tiny Bee Asiatic lily

More slime mold showed up in the bunny yard.


I see why the slime mold, Fuligo septic, is nicknamed “dog vomit.”  If I had a dog, I’d be taking him to the vet after finding this.  Mold and mushrooms are everywhere!


Another new daylily is blooming, ‘Nutmeg Spice.’

Nutmeg Spice daylily

I have been cleaning my workshop during these many days of rain.

Do not expect a photo. I am ashamed of its neglect and nastiness.

Try to stay dry people.


If I Had Wings

If I had wings, I would have two sets.


They would be shiny, but sturdy.


The veins would be silver.  The film between would be clear as glass.


I would be able to fly up, down, sideways, backwards and also hover.

My wings would work in tandem and independently, so I could do tricks in the sky.


I would fly fast and fly far until I found a lovely garden full of flowers.

Then I would land on something pointy and pose for pictures.


I would smile with my chitinous teeth


and look at the camera with my 30,000 lenses.


FLOWER dreams of being a dragon fly.