Forced to have Fun

It’s hard for me to leave tasks unfinished.

Since I am never finished, I rarely voluntarily stop working.

Sometimes a family intervention is needed.

This weekend I was forced to stop weeding, washing and writing

to travel up river by boat with the kayaks piled onto the front.

We have been wanting to do this for years.

There are side channels of the river that can only be reached by canoes and kayaks.

We anchored the boat and paddled under bridges


and through leaning trees to explore two of these protected areas.

I was pleased to see that nesting boxes and platforms had been erected for bird habitats.


The turtles, fish and snake I saw seemed undisturbed by my floating by.


I felt this was not only a haven for them, but also for me.

Maybe it’s time for FLOWER to get back to biology?

I returned home wet, tired and hungry…but with a new attitude.

Let’s call it water therapy.

That’s my kayak, but I don’t recognize that old lady in it. Ha!







Transported By Boat

There is a magical place that I can only get to by boat.


Where the sea meets the sky,


I am cradled between wind and waves.


Neither sinking nor flying,


Skimming  along between water and air.


Feeling the spray of the sea in my face.


Dancing with the motion of the ocean.


Looking back at land with no wish to return


to that sedentary, solid place that slows my soul.IMG_1457