Rainbow’s End

This hosta has the leaves of dreams.


Rainbow’s End has color contrasts that call attention to each leaf.

The dark green is bluish and the light green is neon.


Each leaf has curves of color.

No wonder they named it Rainbow’s End.


P.S. We are getting a strong rain with HAIL right now.




Glowing Hosta

This hosta practically glows in the dark.


‘Rainforest Sunrise’ demands attention.

I have many hostas, also called Plantain lilies.

This one may be my favorite.

‘Rainforest Sunrise’ Hosta/Plantain lily


Mama came back to Snack

There were numerous be-headings overnight.  Oh, the horror!

Mama had a serious hankering for daylilies and hostas.

She especially loves the Whooperee daylilies.

Luckily, I do have one left intact inside the fence to show its juicy, big buds and blooms.

Whooperee daylily

If I were a mama deer, I’d eat it too.

Such succulent flowers…just for show.  How wasteful!

There should be a whole row of red here.  Hi Ho.

This hosta row under the oak should be green. Hmmmm.

Here on the bank is a group of nine Giant Elegans, up past my knees.

The bottom row was a buffet last night.

Elegans hosta

There will be some fence laid down at the feet of my favorite juicy morsels,

to prevent future consumption.

Yes, I love my flowers, but that fawn wobbled away with my heart.

Chomp on Mama. Chomp on.