Have I Missed This Before?

I am beginning to wonder where I have been instead of present.

One of my favorite vines, Clerodendrum thomsoniae,  surprised me yesterday.

I found pods and seeds on it for the first time ever.

Have I just missed this every fall?  Or are these the first ever seeds?

The hearts of my bleeding heart vine have busted open with seeds.

I thought I was paying attention.

Maybe I was skiing instead of swimming.

That’s what I say when I am zooming across the surface instead of being submerged.

Could I really have missed bright red and black seed pods every year?

Have I been this busy?

It’s like missing a stop sign…red light…exit on a highway…

I must just tell myself, YOU SEE IT NOW.

Pay attention now!

I must have missed a few measures of music.  Keep playing.  Keep singing.

Look now.  Pay attention now.




It’s about staying up as you go down. Strength and balance are key.

That’s where I am in life. It’s not a time to move forward.

I am pausing and assessing.

There is no bar to get over. No hoops to jump through.

This is all new to me, this life in limbo.

The pausing and pondering .

I am not planning or preparing.

I am quietly balancing and bending.

Taking slow, careful steps.

The season is about to change… again.



The Vine Sign

Here is the view from my desk.


This Passion vine has never had this many blooms at once.


All appeared after I published my “Vine Lessons” post.

I actually looked for a Passion bloom for the post and none were open.


Think what you will.

I consider it a divine affirmation(no pun intended…okay maybe intended)

of my self-acceptance as a grasper and a clinger.


(The Flower will be quiet for a bit. I will miss you. No worries.)

The Vine Lesson

All my life I have tried to be a tree.

I wanted to stand on my own.  I wanted to be tall and strong.  I wanted to shelter others.

But I am not a tree.  I am a vine.

I reach out toward enlightenment.

I cling to things that I love.

I grow in all directions, not just up.

I get attached to things.

I am not independent. I am interdependent.

I must embrace my vine-ness.

I cannot be a tree, you see.


Teeny Tiny Frogs

They are living jewels perched on the water lettuce leaves.


Their colors range from green to gold.


They are the tiniest friends I have.


They are precious to me.

I have visited them numerous times each day to get them habituated to me.


They no longer dive in or hide.


Their tiny brains have learned to ignore my shadow.

They even look me in the eye now.


Such brave little frogs!