The Poisonous Palm

This plant is called a Sago palm, but it is not a palm.


It is however, poisonous if ingested.

It is an ancient plant called a cycad.

Cycas revoluta is its scientific name.

Its fronds are stiff with leaflets that have pointy, scratchy tips.

I water it rarely except in the hot summer.

It puts up a new crown of leaves in June. This takes about two weeks.


This new set of leaves is almost as big as the ring from last season.

I have read that you should leave all the old leaves, but I never do.


The whole plant will get hauled inside for the winter.

The bottom ring will turn brown and ugly.


I will remove it.

I do not know whether this is a male or female.

It has never put up a cone or basket.


Maybe that’s because I stress it every spring by amputating the ugly, old leaves.

So my advice is. Cut off the ugly parts, but do not eat them.

Flow on the Sago