I Want to be a Beatrix

I love this woman for so many reasons.

She loved her pet rabbits, mice, lizards, dogs and hedgehog like they were her friends.

Beatrix, age nine.    Photo from The Art of Beatrix Potter by Emily Zach and Steven Heller:  Chronicle Books

As a young woman, she became an ignored expert in mycology. Her mushroom drawings are still used today.

Amanita vaginatus drawing from Linda Lear’s wonderful biography, Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature

When no publisher would print her first little books, so she self-published them with her own money.


She stayed loyal to her dead fiance’s family publishing business (Warne) despite a scandal, out of her love for him, his sister and his mother.

She bought a farm (Hill Top) and worked it, despite her city upbringing.

She donated thousands of acres of land to a national land trust to preserve its beauty.

She raised prize-winning Herdwick sheep and became an expert on raising, breeding and showing them.

Beatrix wearing Herdwick wool tweeds, photo from Linda Lear’s biography. Beatrix Potter A Life in Nature

She loved nature with her whole heart.  She shared this love and her land with Girl Guide groups in the summers.

Cover of The Art of Beatrix Potter Sketches, Paintings and Illustrations by Emily Zach and Steven Heller

Oh yes, I almost forgot.  She also could write, draw and paint really well.

FLOWER is a Beatrix fan. (and a bunny fan)