Mystery Solved with Banana Nut Bread

I used to use the old sandbox as a plant nursery.

When the bunnies moved in, I had to hurriedly move all the little plants out to safety.

In my haste,  many were moved without their identification.

Among the many refugees was this plant.


I was considering posting it here for help with identification.

No need now.

I stopped by some friends’ house to deliver fresh loaves of banana nut bread.

What did I spy in the yard?   This very plant.


They had given me some seeds.  (My bad for not remembering.)

Its common name is “Mole Plant”,
also known as Caper (DO NOT EAT) Spurge or Gopher Spurge.IMG_0503

It is a Euphorbia lathyris and all parts are POISONOUS.

It was used in orchards to repel rodents.

Thank heavens I moved it out of the bunny yard before my nibblers could snack on it.

The symmetry is perfect.


The blooms are tiny and yellow.



Who knew you could learn so much from banana nut bread.

Follow the baker.