Saving My Passions

Saving my Passions involves some risky behavior.

Passion vine hybrid

I must climb a ladder with scissors in my hand.  Twice.


The first trim occurs back in early fall.  I cut off the side shoots.

I then streamline the vines down to three or four main stems.

The first trim prevents the vines from getting shocked all at once and makes the second trim easier.

Then I climb back up again, about a month later, to cut them down from the trellises.

I usually leave about one third of the plant in place.

I wrap this lower portion into a wreath-like ring and secure it to a short trellis in the pot.

I use garland hooks from craft stores to hold vines onto the trellis. These can be moved and removed easily.

I then wheel my potted vines into my sunny workshop to spend the winter with all my other precious plants.

It’s a jungle in there!

The trimmed pieces may be cut up into cuttings to produce new Passion vine plants for my friends.

Passion vines cuttings. Red Passion has bigger leaves that are hairy and bronzed.

I keep a request list.  Newly rooted plants will be given away in the spring.

The bunnies helped out by hiding under the Turk’s Cap plant.


They know mama on a ladder with scissors is something to be afraid of.


Purple October

I have a passion for all things purple.

Purple mum

Purple is a color that changes in different light.

Thomas E. Edison dahlia

It is one of my favorite colors because of this transitional property.

Stokesia ‘Peachie’s Pick’ aster

At dusk purple flowers almost look black.

Passion vine hybrid

At high noon purple leans toward pink.

Picotee Blue morning glory

I love when the flowers also have white in the blooms.

Acidanthera Orchid glad

The contrast makes the purple pop.

water hyacinth

Mona Lavender also has leaves with purple undersides.

Mona Lavender Plectranthus

Some leaves have purple veins.

Frydek Elephant ears

There is even a lovely purple vegetable

Purple Food ; Eggplant

which will be the subject of my next post.

FLOWER is lovin’ some purple.