The Colors of Change

The colors of August are the warning colors…yellow, orange and red.

They are the colors of change.

The heat cannot continue.

The blooming must cease.

It is time to set seed

and harvest the crops

and prepare for a change.

There will always be change.

Beginnings and endings.

Births and deaths.

Slowing and stopping.

August is a time of change.

A crescendo of colors.

When the brights cannot get brighter.

The light must dim. Life must dim…and slow…and stop.

Only to begin again at another place…at another time.

A Slower Flower remembering our precious Melissa

Season Lessons

I appreciate the snow because I know I will miss its whiteness and brightness.

I celebrate in the white confetti falling and clinging to everything.

I listen to the rain with a glad heart.

I will miss its cool drops in the heat of August.

I wish the warmth of summer could stay in my bones through the chill of winter.

Each season has its lessons of gratefulness and faithfulness.

During winter, I have faith in spring.

I know that in the soggy, cold soil are future flowers.

Snowdrops, crocus, scilla, narcissus and tulips.

I know because I put them there. I planned for spring.

I believed in spring during a crisp and colorful fall many years ago.

Even in the cold, dark winter. I have faith in spring.

Everybody needs some spring in their heart.





Fall from Here

I wanted to leave my pots out for one last drenching rain before bringing them inside.


The heavy rain last night has turned the river red.


Jean May has tossed down her pink confetti to let me know the party is over.


The garden is covered in a colorful carpet.


The trees are aflame.


It’s time to move inside.


The buds on the Schlumbergeras say so.


I have projects to keep me busy.  My world will be smaller.

Fall is here folks.