Alohas and Pineapples

I can pretend I am on a tropical island when the Eucomis flowers bloom.

Maybe I will set up some lawn chairs nearby and add a parasol to my favorite drink.

I leave the larger Pineapple lilies in the ground year-round despite living in Zone 7. I think the key to their survival is good drainage, so that they do not rot while dormant.

The little, pink Alohas stay in pots which are brought in for winter.

Eucomis/Aloha nani

The spikes of both resemble elongated pineapples with blooms covering the sides and a tuft of green on top.

I am feeling a bit tropical today!

Aloha from Flower

The Crown of July

July is NOT my favorite month in the garden.

Water, weed, pick, again; water, weed, pick, again…

Too many tommy toes.


Itchy squash plants host their skittering beetles.


Zucchinis grow giant the minute my back is turned.


Pumpkins? I didn’t plant pumpkins.


Tomatoes… tomahtoes…potatoes…potahtoes..


Let’s kill the whole thing off.     Get the sprayer and fill it with herbicide.

WAIT!      There is one non-needy, non-weedy spot left in the garden.


A group of flowers, each wearing a crown.


Pineapple Lily.    Eucomis.


I appreciate these lovely, long spires of delicate blooms.


I have a change of heart and get the hose to water instead.


Garden Saved by Eucomis!!!