Hang On!

I try not to share sadness. There is too much in this world all ready.

This is a sad date for my family.

A past tragedy has cluttered my thoughts all day.

Then I saw this.


If you are sad.  Hang on!

If you are sick.  Hang on!

Reaching out with faith.

Held up by a splinter and a tiny tendril.


My vines are teaching me life lessons again.

Bless them.



hOw tO wait

We know how to wait. We have all had to practice patience

Over and Over.

We know how it feels to want something here NOW

or gOne NOW.

Waiting isn’t seasonal. It is a constantly repeating cycle of life.

Over and Over

Time takes it’s own time, so we WAIT…

For a beginning, for an ending, for relief, for a cure, a birth, a sonrise, a spring, a king.

As we WAIT we must keep our FAITH in the things that should be

and HOPE in things that could be.

but LOVE is for NOW

during the waiting and wOndering and wOrrying.


while yOu wait

Think of those Os as eggs or seeds.

Eggs wait.

Seeds wait.

But they need things NOW!

grOw while yOu wait

lOve while yOu wait

yOu help others grOw nOw

when it is cOld.

yOu be the warmth.

when it is dark

yOu be the light.

grOw lOve nOw

grOw nOw

lOve nOw

nO waiting



I call myself an uncomfortable Christian. Too many questions and doubts.

Good Friday is hard for me to wrap my head around.

Such extreme good and extreme evil in one place.

I do not deserve this Jesus, but I need him.






The Moorings of the Spirit

What holds my soul fast and safe, when all else fails or falls away?

My strings of flimsy faith?

The hand of a merciful God?

My devoted family?

My loyal friends?

What keeps me whole, when I am cracking and breaking?

Where does all that strength come from?

Something saves me.

I know this to be true.

I have been broken and I have been mended.

What saved me? What held me together? I am not sure.

How could I keep standing by his bed in ICU to put a wet, sponge pop in his mouth?

How did I stop screaming to clean up her blood on the rocks?

How will those church people who were hit with this horrible shock stay sane?

What will hold them up?  What will keep them from shattering?

Will it be God?

Will it be the heartfelt prayers of millions of puzzled and sad humans from afar?

Will it be the love and touch of the caring people around them?

Will it be soothing words or holy music?

Will it be some secret inner strength that appears when needed?

Whatever it is.

I hope there is a whole lot of it in Texas.

Mourning Glory FLOWER