Winter to Spring in Ninety Minutes

I took all these photos today.

I started the day in the Appalachian Mountains with snow and ice.

Then we headed home to sunshine and flowers.

No plane involved.  It’s amazing!

I really do love living in North Carolina.

Where else can you switch seasons in 90 minutes?



Don’t Listen to the Groundhog

Since I have a garden, not a groundhog, I tend to consult it as to when spring will arrive.

The first place I go for this information is the weeds.  Yes, that’s right.  WEEDS.

They know more than the hybrids. Their DNA has not been tampered with.

They use old school, and I do mean old, methods to determine when to start growing.

Well fellow Carolinians, the weeds say get busy.

The mint family(square stems) and dandelions are all ready blooming.

That means if you delay in weeding, you will be weeding mama weeds and baby weeds.  Two generations!   That’s way more than twice as many.

You don’t have weeds, you say?  Lucky you.

Then consult some of your garden favorites.

The BULBS say spring is near.

Tete-a-tetes say yes.

The crocus concur.

The old daffodils on the hill are thrilled.

Bulbs are always ahead of the game you say?


Foxgloves are growing foliage.

The columbines are coming out.

Perennial poppycock you say?

Then go see a SHRUB.

The Pieris are ringing their spring bells.

The Quince is quite convinced that spring is near.

If you still need to consult a CRITTER, or two.

The bunnies have some spring in their hop.

Get busy people. Being a gardener is like being part of a horse costume.  If you’re not a head, you’re a behind.

I said spring is near NOT here. You crazy people better not set out tomatoes yet. They go out the third week in April.

P.S. I do have a groundhog. But we don’t mention such things around Mr. Flower.





Surprise Snow Party

Flaky confetti fell last night.

Nature was partying as we slept.

Now my flowers are covered in flakes.

Wearing snow on their heads like fancy fascinators.

At least none look hungover.

Sneaky snow.


Sneaky flowers.

Sneaky spring.


Pseudo Spring

Don’t get me wrong northern friends,

I am enjoying these days of 70 and even 80 degrees here in North Carolina.

My bunnies are very happy to get out in their yard almost every day.


But I am a biologist and a plant mama.


I have been keeping garden journals of this same garden since 1996.


It’s too early for all the growth I am seeing.

Maple blossoms

I fear a freeze will kill much of this growth back.


Some plants have “back-up buds”, but many don’t.


I am glad that I brought in more plants than usual this year.


I always fear a hard winter.


How ironic that I have saved these stowaways from a pseudo spring instead.

Tete a Tete