My Yellow Giant

This is my favorite daylily.  Okay besides Nowhere to Hide and South Seas and …

I do not know its name.

I got it on a hot as hell day at a chaotic event at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens back in the 1990’s. I wish someone there would identify this giant for me. Hello Daniel Stowe!


It is a late bloomer. Its first bloom opened yesterday. I visited it many times. I photographed it with my hand for scale,


but then decided it deserved a ruler for accuracy.


This giant has big bubba blooms that amaze me every year. Here is its spent bloom beside a large variety, Mabel Nolan.


Its a lovely, light yellow with a little ruffle along the edge.

Giant and gorgeous!



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The Art Stayed

Bounteous Blooms

I am thrilled but puzzled by the bounty of blooms this year.

Could it be related to the fact that none of my dayilies got to get to full flower last summer?

Has the deer herd done me a favor? Probably not.

I suspect that my four-legged friends have been sublty munching on my blooms for years.

Here are some more daylilies blooming today. They just keep coming!

Nowhere to Hide daylily


Purple Pinwheel daylily

Open Hearth daylily

Yabba Dabba Doo daylily

Sebastian daylily
Strutter’s Ball daylily

Stay tuned. There are a few more that bloom late in the season.


Daylilies Galore: Here are Some More

It’s been such a delight to see all my Hemerocallis varieties blooming this June,

unlike last year when they were devoured before opening.

Here are some more lovely blooms.

Mac the Knife
Sabre’ Salina
Breed Apart
(Little)Sammy Russell

I am feeling a bit greedy keeping all these juicy blooms for myself.

If I could train the deer to deadhead, we would both be happy.

Why can’t nature be more cooperative?


Daylily Update

The deer battle continues. I have pulled out all the stops.

We have fence. We have Deer Scram.


We have stakes. We have bird netting.


So far so good.

Here are a few survivors.

Whooperee daylily
Gentle Shepherd daylily
Mabel Nolan daylily
Strutter’s Ball daylily

I cannot let the deer learn to eat my flowers or they will stay in the area and only eat my juicy flowers.

I am being cruel to be kind.  I do not believe in interfering with nature.

I do not feed the birds(except hummingbirds) because they stay in one area

and the bird’s of prey learn to hunt there most of the time

and everybody gets lazy and crowded and spreads diseases…

It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

FLOW in the KNOW



South Seas under Protection

I will put almost anything between the deer and my darling daylilies.

So my garden is beginning to resemble a junk yard.


This ‘South Seas’ bloomed amidst the mess.


I have a new method that has been working well and looks less messy.


I have been hanging a fence ring on a pole around the blooms.

It is high enough so the deer cannot stick their hungry heads down in it.

The grooves on the posts hold the rings in place so that they are not tossed out of the way by the bunch of munchers.

I found one ring thrown in the middle of my driveway by an overzealous eater!IMG_6381

I will be buying more posts today.

‘South Seas’ was worth all the trouble.


Don’t you agree?

Fighting Flower

Peacock Alley

I have been fighting to protect daylily buds long enough to get a photo of one bloom from each plant.

I actually burst into tears in the garden yesterday.

One of my slow-growing daylilies, ‘Gentle Shepherd’ was decapitated overnight.

Here is a survivor.


‘Peacock Alley’ with sparkling raindrops.

Pointy, pink and pretty.


My flowers are my friends.

The deer are not my enemies.

I am torn between flowers and fawns.

My world is tiny.

My garden is important to me but so is nature.






Moonlit Masquerade

This bloom stands out in the garden due to its mellow petal color.

Many daylilies scream for attention,

but ‘Moonlit Masquerade’ quietly waits to be noticed.

It has smooth moonlight yellow petals and a deep mulberry eye contrasted by a yellow-green throat.

‘Moonlit Masquerade’ daylily

Ooh la la!


Smoky Mountain Autumn

Smoky Mountain Autumn has always been one of my favorite daylilies.

Smoky Mountain Autumn in barricades of fence.

Its color is a strong apricot with a hint of cantaloupe centered with a bright yellow throat.

Its a mixture of fire and fruit.

I am always glad to see these blooms.IMG_6327