Iris in April

The rainbow of colors has started in the iris beds.

Pink was first as Persian Berry bloomed early in April.

Persian Berry Iris

Thunder Echo was second with its deep burgundy edges and tan frilled top.

Thunder Echo Iris

Taco Supreme joined the group yesterday.

Taco Supreme Iris

Little Much has been set apart so as not to be crowded by others.

Little Much Iris

Banana Frappe burst out brightly this week.

Banana Frappe Iris

Just this morning Night Affair opened its hatch to guide pollinators to its treasure.

Night Affair Iris
Guide markings for pollinators. Brush hairs below.

These are the colors of my Iris Rainbow on this lovely April morning.

My garden blesses me over and over.


Fire Spinner

Delosperma ‘Fire Spinner’ surprised me today.

It burst into flames in the bright spring sunshine.

This variety of ice plant loves to nestle against rocks and creep into crevices.

It looks perfectly happy along the stone wall.


Jessop is a Jewel

If I dreamed up a tiny plant, it would have striped leaves and tiny dusty-plum-colored flowers.

I do not have to pretend this jewel of a plant exists.

It is really growing all over my garden.

Tucked under planters, beside rocks, between roots.

Tiny little Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’ is a dream come true.

All it needs it a place where it won’t be stepped on.

My ‘Jessop’ is lowly, lovely and dearly loved.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’


Fairy Wings

Sometimes magic is green. I consider the Epimedium a magical plant.

Someone else must agree, since one of its common names is “Fairy Wings.”

The blooms hang on thin stalks that are almost invisible.

I have four varieties yellow, orange, white and red.

Yellow is thriving under a shrub.

Orange is tallest of the four.

White is the smallest and blooms later.

My newest ‘Rubrum’ only had two red blooms, but is growing well.

Four colors of “Fairy Wings” in my garden. There has got to be magic here!


Good Hope

My Clivia miniata ‘Good Hope’ has two babies and a bloom.

Clivia miniata ‘Good Hope’ fire lily

The flowers are a soothing buttery yellow.

The flower head is perched on a sturdy eighteen-inch stalk.

This plant is boring all year, but when it blooms, it steals the show.