Tiny Somethings on a Spiderwort

Sometimes I look through my camera and get surprised.

I got a surprise while photographing one of the Spiderworts.


It had tiny flying insects hanging onto its stamen.

Not hoovering like a normal bee, but tucked into the flower.

This Spiderwort is Tradescantia ‘Zwanenburg Blue.’


Its flowers close during the heat of the day and in wind.

It likes moist conditions, but I have had some rot if kept too wet.

It is deer resistant. A feature that is much needed now that my garden is a deer delicatessen.



You Can’t Move Magic

I thought that I had moved the fairy garden this spring.


I was tired of crawling around on the ground weeding.

It was too hard lying down to get those close-ups.

But you can’t move magic.

I stopped by the old tree today.  Or maybe it called me over.


I felt it immediately, the magic.

Even through all the weeds and sticks and leaves, it was magical.

So down I went on my hands and knees,


crawling around that big old tree.

Cleaning out all those nooks and crannies between the roots.


Gently brushing away debris.


If one is lucky enough to find magic,

one needs to be wise enough to know

you can’t move magic.





Taco Supreme

Taco Supreme is an iris of mystery.


The light plays tricks with the blooms all do long.

Its beige turns to peach


and its burgundy turns to red…or is it purple?


What a color-shifter it is!


Is this a trick or a talent?


Taco Supreme is a surprise.


Same Old Slime Mold

It appeared in the late afternoon. It was not there that morning when I hung out the laundry.

It climbed up the edge of the concrete just feet from where it emerged from the ground last year.

Same sulfur yellow, same blobbing fan of puffy, pasty goo.

The bunnies seemed undisturbed by its presence.

Of course, they also ignore snakes and chipmunks…and me when I call them to come in.

It was much bigger this morning.

I am going to keep an eye on this sneaky slime mold.

No telling what it plans to do.

I think I can outrun it.


‘Little Much’ Shows Up

I was very excited to find ‘Little Much’ amongst the ‘Persian Berry’ patch this afternoon.

I try to separate out the slow-growers.

I thought I had lost this lovely lilac and white bearded iris.

What a nice discovery on an otherwise strange day.

I hope it is a sign not to lose hope.

I am struggling with my other blog and book.

I want to drop it all until the fall.

I am the FLOWER after all!

Flow movin’ slow.

Azalea Aflame

This is one plant that Mr. Flower and I both love.

We picked this one out together, actually we got two.

The one closer to the house does better because it gets more attention.


Gibraltar is its name.

It looks as though aflame.

When the sun hits it in the morning, it glows.




This iris bloomed for the first time on Easter morning.


It will continue to bloom periodically all summer and into the fall.

It is only about two feet high, so should be planted in the middle of a bed

instead of the usual back row of hybrid bearded  iris.

It is easy to grow, elegant and deer resistant.


Bearded iris, Iris germanica ‘Immortality’.


Fairy Egg Hunt with a Hitch

The fairies begged us to have an egg hunt over Easter weekend.

Ruth and I hid the eggs.

Tinker Bell brought cupcakes.


The Tooth Fairy brought Sundaes. I think she has a sweet tooth.


Rosebud insisted we serve tea.

Those Playmobil fairies wear their skirts too short for my taste. Baby don’t bend over!

The Queen was dressed in her best vinery. Looks like she’s been eating a chocolate bunny.


Poison Ivy is way too competitive. She brought a very large basket.


I loved Wingrid’s hat. It was just her color. (literally)


I did wish that Ruth had not kept pointing out where we hid the eggs.


A chipmunk showed up.

He spent most of his time finding the food. No surprise there.

When the finders are also fliers, the sky is the limit as far as hiding places go.


I am not sure what happened?


Our egg hunt turned into a chick rescue.


I should have known not to use those magic eggs!

Happy Easter Peeps



Itty Bitty Jessop

The tiniest plant in my garden is blooming now.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’ is only three inches high.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’

I have it planted it by walkways and ponds so it can get noticed by those with a keen eye.

It’s like a tiny treasure hidden in plain sight.

I love its pinstriped leaves.

It is a bulb.

Here is a whole plant.

I am not supposed to have favorites, but the fairies love this one the most.