Itty Bitty Jessop

The tiniest plant in my garden is blooming now.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’ is only three inches high.

Ledebouria cooperi ‘Jessop’

I have it planted it by walkways and ponds so it can get noticed by those with a keen eye.

It’s like a tiny treasure hidden in plain sight.

I love its pinstriped leaves.

It is a bulb.

Here is a whole plant.

I am not supposed to have favorites, but the fairies love this one the most.


A Flower a Day in April..not happening

That’s how it is here. Each day a new flower starts blooming. I record it in my journal and take its photo.

Persian Berry: first iris 2019

That’s where it ends.

I go back to weeding and transplanting.

‘Night Sky’ petunia

My hands are dirty, my shoes are dirty, my apron fills with debris.

Ice Plant, Delosperma ‘Fire Spinner’

I talk to the bunnies and my bird friends, but the computer is inside.

Thunder Echo, second iris 2019

It may as well be on the moon, because I am literally running to get things done.

Before rain tasks, after rain tasks. I forgot to fertilize the smallest rose… So sorry baby!

You should be seeing a flower a day here, but I have things to do with my dirty hands..

Then there is preparation for a fairy Easter egg hunt…


So much to do, so little time…


Quiet White

I went out to take pictures ahead of the coming storm.

It is overcast.

This is when white shines like a diamond amongst the greens.

White Columbine

Most folks overlook white flowers.

‘Snow flake’ Creeping Phlox

Take a closer look on an overcast or rainy day.

White Cupflower, Mazus reptens ‘Alba’

You may end up liking white as I do.

Variegated Solomon’s Seal

Some say it is the rice of the garden…cleansing the palette.

I think white flowers have an understated elegance

that is for those with a delicate taste for finer things.

White Epimedium

The quiet color that waits to be noticed.

Dogwood Tree, Cornus florida

Yes. I like white flowers very much.


Pot ‘um Up; Move ‘um Out

As if weeding outside was not enough to keep a gardener busy in spring,

there is also this issue of potted plants.

They need attention now, too.

I pot up house plants before I bring them inside in the fall.

(“Pot up” means that you move a plant into a slightly larger pot.)

I am always amazed how much growth occurs over winter inside

when it seems they are just sitting there waiting for spring.

These were in desperate need of more space and soil.


A plant screams by shriveling, drooping or turning yellow.

Not only have they been potted up and fed some plant food,


they are now enjoying their first pollen-washing downpour.


Don’t they look happy?


Pardon my Pollen

Everything was sunny yellow this morning.

The hue was not due to the yellow sun.

It was caused by a coat of pollen on everything.

The pansies were dusted.


The pond was powdered.


I tracked some in on my socks


after taking off my yellow-toed shoes.


I tried to sweep it up.


But that just stirred it up.

It was thick enough to write in.


What a mess to greet my guest.

Please, pardon my pollen.



Don’t Blink, it’s Spring

I was away for three days. I came home to a different garden.


The change is a tribute to the power of sunshine and rain.

The azaleas started blooming.


The Lily of the Valley is reaching up and budding.


The Solomon’s Seal is ringing its bells.


Ascot Rainbow Spurge lifted its blooms.


My ‘Expensive Stick’ turned into a tree.


The best surprise was the ‘Juddii ‘Viburnum blooms.


I wish I could share the scent of these lovely flowers.


My garden was busy while I was away.

Don’t blink or you will miss something.  It’s spring in the south.


Amaryllis in April?

I know that April is late for an indoor Amaryllis.

Amaryllis ‘Benfica’

‘Benfica’ has put up its THIRD stalk of blooms.

I am usually pleased to see a second stalk, this is my first for a third.


I hope it does this well out in the garden.



Another Darling Baby

My other “Darling of Spring” is a tiny Columbine, ‘Little Lanterns’ Aquilegia canadensis.

It is always the first Columbine to bloom.

I have it right by the path into our house because it is less than 10 inches tall.

It will not be overlooked, however, because if its “fire engine red” blooms.

I have many varieties of Columbine that I will share later,

but this one is my most precious.

‘Little Lanterns’ Columbine, Aquilegia canadensis

I have one more itty-bitty plant to share, but you will have to wait several weeks for it.

Every day is an art show in April.

I hope you are out and about. It’s a beautiful world.


The Darling of Spring

I do adore all my plants, especially the tiny ones.

This yellow Epimedium always stops me in my tracks when it blooms.


I have to go sit on the ground beside it.

It is so complex and delicate.


It needs close examination to have a full appreciation.

It is one of my two “Darlings of spring.”


Stay tuned for the other tomorrow.

I want to add a photo of my male bluebird friend who now comes to visit me as I work.


I LOVE spring!