My Gardens Move Inside

It’s almost time for our first freeze here in North Carolina.

Many plants have been moved inside.

Last Christmas’s poinsettia. Not dark treatment needed.

Now my job is to water and turn pots.

My workshop is a jungle. It is my inside garden now.

I enjoy weaving around among the flowers and greenery.

The colors are a comfort as the world outside turns brown.

The Schlumbergeras are starting to bloom.

I distribute these throughout the house.

Any bloom is a mood booster.


Burning Lights and Floating Berries

I spent last night in one of my favorite places on Earth.


One of my “heavens” is Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina.


It was especially blissful this weekend, because in addition to amazing sculpture and plants, they added MILLIONS of lights.


The event is called “Nights of a Thousand Candles.”



The thousands of burning candles were accompanied by millions of lights wrapped around shrubs,  dangling from tree limbs and artfully highlighting the giant oaks and their mystical Spanish moss.


Candles were floating in glass orbs in the many water features.


Colorful glass sculptures were lit to make a magical glowing garden.


Just when I thought I had been dazzled to my heart’s content, I walked into the Brown Sculpture ┬áCourt to be knocked over by the most lovely display of all.


The central canal contained Poinsettias surrounded by millions of floating cranberries. The color combination was magical.


My sister and I will be going back next year and taking our parents. This was a dream.




Not to mention the live music and tasty food. Did I mention model trains?


Now that folks, is how we celebrate in the south.



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