The Last Lilies

Most of the Asiatics have long finished their show.

The daylilies are slowing down.

Crimson Shadows daylily

The Stargazers are turning brown.

But it is not over yet!

The blackberry lilies are going strong.

I started out with a spotted orange type.

Then added a spotted magenta

and a yellow non-spotted candy lily.

These are all Belamcandas.

Other names are blackberry lilies, or leopard flowers.

The name leopard refers to the spots on the petals.

The name blackberry refers to the seed pods which open to expose clusters of black seeds that resemble blackberries.

One of the fascinating things about these is they cross pollinate to produce hybrids.

My two favorites this years are this water-marked form

and this red-orange mix.

I love surprises!  I never know what will show up until the flowers open.

I appreciate any flower that keeps going in this heat.

While the FLOWER wilts, the blackberry lilies bloom.


Blackberry lilies

The lovely flowers of Belamcanda chinensis are always welcome, no matter where they show up.

This is an iris relative.  Its leaves are very similar to an iris, except they fan out from a central stem.IMG_1524

The name comes from the black seed clusters that resemble blackberries. (Not pictured)

There is a wide range of colors.  They have mixed  over the years.

I love their wiry, tall stalks and the butterfly-like flowers.IMG_1501

Upon close inspection you can see their pretty little spots.


Easy to grow, propagate and move.  Just don’t eat the seeds.