Mother-of-Thousands? Not this Mama!

I am so glad that I am NOT a Kalanchoe daigremontiana.

This plant reproduces both sexually, by flowers, and asexually.

The ends of its leaves are covered with tiny “plantlets” with needy, draping roots.


Can you imagine trying to live with little”adultlets” hanging off of your arms?

Mother of thousands?  Two progeny has about done me in.

The Kalanchoe babies do eventually drop off, but to where?

The same pot, that’s where.


So now,  Mama Kalanchoe has to share her soil and water with all those “independent” plantlets.

Talk about “Not far from the tree.”

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed by motherhood, consider yourself lucky not to be a Kalanchoe daigremontiana.

Think how it would be to drop little clones of yourself all around your house and yard.

Now, there’s my next nightmare!


The “Old Woman in the Shoe” had it way easier than this mama.

Plantlets available…by the thousands.