To Italy on Sundays

If you don’t own a private jet, you can still go to Italy on Sundays…

sort of.

Raffaldini Vineyard is a great place to pretend that you are in an Italian vineyard.

The view is spectacular.

The wine is delicious.


The pizza is from a brick oven, albeit a small one, on wheels.

It is a lovely place to spend a quiet afternoon.


Even if it is raining.

We love Raffaldini’s.


Grow Where You Are Planted

I must be surrounded by plants to be at home.

I am fortunate that I have a yard that I can fill up with green friends.

I saw a young lady through a window in Italy, that was a kindred spirit in an urban setting.

This is a photo of her kitchen window. I took it from the window of our apartment elevator.

20151004_170041 These are planters hanging on her window shutters.

We would see her through this window in the evenings. She would be cooking in her kitchen. Probably using herbs from her window boxes.

I never met her, but I love this little Italian cook.