A Mouse, a Chipmunk and a Bird Met Under a Bush

There are tiny tracks everywhere after a fine dusting of snow.

This snow is so light and fine it moves like powdered sugar.

A white dusting is perfect for tiny tracks that would not show up in big snows.

My favorite spot for tiny tracks is under bushes. That’s where the small and skittish roam.

I usually carry a penny for scale, but did not have one in my bathrobe.

I know these three were probably not under the bush at the same time, but I like thinking about three tiny creatures hanging out under a bush telling about how they pass their time when it is cold.

So I imagine a little bird with the young chipmunk meeting a mouse for a chat.

Thankfully there are no cat tracks around.


Snow Tales

Somebody came by during the snow. I did not see them, but they left a trail.

The snow tells who has been here and where they went.

All I have to do is read the snow tales.

My squirrel friend Pearl came by my office as usual.

A bird walked along the railing.

Several of my little friends spent time in the bunny yard because we left the gate open.

The entire back yard was the site of a herd party. Were they frolicking in the moonlight?

Mr. Flower has made several trips to the wood pile.

He also shoveled a path so I could walk to the railing in my house shoes. He is very handy.

Flow and snow

Throwing Snow

While most folks are shoveling sidewalks and driveways,

the Flower is diligently digging snow off her deck.

Why would I make a path to nowhere?

The bunnies, of course.

Their yard in under the deck. They have not been out for days.

They dislike snow, but more than that, they hate to be dripped on.

Before they can leave the comforts of their bunny room in the basement,

the snow must be removed.

Melting will not do, because melting means dripping.

It’s been a tough week inside for the bunnies.

Barley seems depressed.

It could be indigestion. He ate some bristles off the broom while my back was turned.

Charlotte is bored. She has been throwing the hay pan in protest.

They have been keeping busy inside. But they need to get back outside.

That’s why I shoveled a path to the deck railing.

So I could throw snow over it to the ground below.

It’s all about the bunnies here.

If you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Flower.  He’ll tell you.




The Snow Said

The snow said that we had many visitors while we slept last night.

It said many deer came in the gardens to eat mondo grass and green shoots.

It said there were large deer running down the hill and a small deer walking up.

It said that someone small took cover in this hollow tree.

Something tiny hid in this overturned trough.

Oh look. It is still here. Good morning Miss Wren.

The snow said sometimes the wind blew,

but most of the time the snow fell strait down softly.

It said the neighbors’ beagle walked through our carport.

He chooses the path with the least snow resistance.

The snow also said that a coyote had been in the woods, after the snow stopped falling.

It told me the wind was blowing by flying in my face. This made me laugh.

This trail said that Flower is back home and that Mr. Flower has not used the new snow shovel that she bought for him. Ha.


Surprise Snow Party

Flaky confetti fell last night.

Nature was partying as we slept.

Now my flowers are covered in flakes.

Wearing snow on their heads like fancy fascinators.

At least none look hungover.

Sneaky snow.


Sneaky flowers.

Sneaky spring.


Reading Snow

I set out to discover different tracks in the snow.

I did locate several sets of interest.

My regret is not including something to reference scale.  I tried a dime, but it sunk in the powdery snow.


Mouse hang-out under shrub.






Mr. Flower