Scared of a Pencil

I am scared of a pencil… or maybe it is the paper.

I have wanted to do botanical sketching for years now.

I have pencils. I have sketch books.

I have props and prompts.

I cannot seem to get started.

I have even read books about sketching and online programs.

I am going to look at the books again.


and maybe doodle on the paper.

I may even color in a coloring book.

Maybe if I just sit around holding the pencil

something will happen.


Make Art not Fat

I have found a new place to go for instant gratification besides my kitchen.

(Winter gives me the munchies.)

My new hang-out without food is called Studio 73.

It is located just across the Catawba River in a lovely little town named Catawba.

I gave Rose a gift certificate for time here as a Christmas gift.

I tagged along with my camera and made a project myself.

I have not been so inspired in a long time.

The walls are covered in various forms of art.

Different artists display their work here.  I was impressed by each array.

Rose and I had an enjoyable afternoon creating our own art.

She made a piece for her dorm door.

I created this camper for our entrance.

Stay tuned for another camper coming soon. I found one for the fairies.

I only hope they behave better in it than they did in their pumpkin!

You local folks need to check out this lovely Studio 73.

Just look for the giant paintbrush near the post office.