Life Lessons in a Bowling Alley

My family went bowling over the holidays,

the four cousins and two aunts and two uncles together.

I am a bad bowler. I used to be better, but something happened.

I watched my niece nonchalantly throw the ball at the pins which then fell down.

My dreaded turn came over and over.

I carefully aligned myself with the little brown arrows in my lane,

then watched the ball wobble toward the pins.

A few pins fell down, if I was lucky.

My score for the first game was embarrassing. (Up on the screen with my face!)

“How do you do that? ” I asked my niece.  She made it look so easy.

“I look at the pins and throw the ball at them.” she replied with a puzzled look.

FLOWER had been focusing on the floor.

I only looked at the pins after I let go of the ball,  when it was too late to matter.

My scores began to climb because I started looking at the target.

Keep your eye on the pins and throw the ball at them.

So simple!

Why didn’t I think of that?