Hang On!

I try not to share sadness. There is too much in this world all ready.

This is a sad date for my family.

A past tragedy has cluttered my thoughts all day.

Then I saw this.


If you are sad.  Hang on!

If you are sick.  Hang on!

Reaching out with faith.

Held up by a splinter and a tiny tendril.


My vines are teaching me life lessons again.

Bless them.



I Love the Creep

I knew when I saw one, that I must have one clinging to my wall.

The high part of the carport wall has looked barren for years.


Now it has a creeping fig/ Ficus pumila to add color and interest.


I have not tried to guide or train this in any way.

It is interesting seeing how it hugs the cracks and flattens against the rough surface.


I love that the new leaves have various colors.


Some has slithered over the top.


Where will it go now?

I love the creep!


Cold Scarlet Flame

I was unsure when to bring in my Red Passion vine/ Passiflora vitafolia/ Scarlet Flame.

The first frost came. I looked out on the deck rail where it has climbed up to and beyond.


It is still blooming.


It’s little ant guards are still running up and down the stems.


Even some yellow jackets have figured out how to harvest food from the glands on the bracts.


I was expecting a wilt down, but it is thriving.


This vine is amazing, but tropical.  It will not tolerate freezes.


I will have to cut it back and bring it in before the first freeze.

I will enjoy it until then, along with the ant and yellow jackets.

I shall try to root some pieces over the winter. Get your name on the request list if you want one.


Flying Saucers

I looked out my kitchen window this morning and yelped for joy.

There they finally were


among the weedy unwelcome morning glories.


Flying Saucer Morning glories/ Ipomoea tricolor

I planted them on April 25.   I wondered why I had not seen one yet.


Aren’t they lovely?

Daddy’s favorite color of blue, bluebird blue.

Blue and white.






I Want the Faith of a Vine

I want the faith a vine has

when it grows up to the height of its trellis

Bleeding Heart Vine/Clerodendrum thomsoniae

and reaches up toward the sun.

Growing past all support.

Passion Flower Vine/ Passiflora hybrid ‘Blue Crown’

Its only mission is to get to the light

which gives it life.

Love in A Puff/ Cardiospermum helicacabum

No turning back.

Hoya carnosa 'Chelsea'

Follow the Light.


Last month my family spent three days down in South Carolina desperately searching for a nice place for my son to live.

Although I was intently hunting down a suitable dwelling, I did manage to stumble upon the vine of my dreams and snag some seeds.

I have been known to return from trips with acorns in my pockets and seeds in my wallet, but I did get permission this time.

The lovely vine was in that charming little town, Cheraw.  When I mention this town’s name to my North Carolina neighbors they recall passing through there on the way to the beach. You may recognize this building at the main square.

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 1139

You folks need to stop in this town to stretch your legs from now on. It is a southern delight of lovely flowers, tasty food and nice people. We felt like old friends everywhere we went. I am a happy mama that my son is surrounded by good folks.

I took a picture of the vine of my dreams with my phone and rushed to the nearest open business, which happened to be the aforementioned, “Charmed by Cheraw” Chamber of Commerce.  This is where we found all the help we all needed.

The nice woman there handled my vine emergency while the nice man assisted my son with his housing emergency. She picked up the phone and called the garden club that plants the planters around town.

A member of the Cheraw Garden Club shared the name of the vine and gave me permission to purloin a few ripened pods containing seeds. A card had actually been attached with plant  information to the trellis, but it had fallen down. These are my kind of people!

Card posted with information attached to the vine.
Card posted with information attached to the vine.

So here it is my fellow garden enthusiaists.  The vine of my dreams in the phloem.

New vine. I am in love!
Cardiospermum helicacabum

It looks like a party on a trellis doesn’t it? It’s the combination of tiny white flowers and pods of various colors that reminds me of confetti.  It’s hither and slither growth adds to the explosion effect. What a happy little plant!

The species name is Cardiosperma helicacabum.  My guess is that the genus name refers to the black seeds that have a tiny white heart on each one. They look like love beads.


The real punch in the line is the common name, Love in a Puff.  I am not making this up folks.

Before you rush to order it from Burpee,  I must alert my southern readers that my research warns that Cardiospermum  halicacabum may be an invasive, self-seeding annual in Southern zones of 6 and up.

I also read that this delightful plant has been around for two hundred years. Why am I just now finding out about it? Well the secret is out now!

I intend to handle my little seedlings with the same care as I have my other potential renegades… in a pot.

I’ll be sharing my progress with seed germination in April.  I do have quite a few seeds collected…legally of course.