I Spy

I purchased pairs of plastic chairs for my parents and in-laws.

Now that folks have to visit outside, they needed more seating for guests.

I kept two in my own carport. I call mine the “Spy Chair.”


I do not usually do much sitting around during gardening season.

Since my father’s sickness and death, it seems all I do is sit.

I look at all the things that need doing without feeling the need to interfere. (Sorry Moss)


I call out to my neighbors from behind the vines.


I drink my coffee in it each morning. I sip sangria while spying in the evenings.

I do not get involved in what goes on.

I only spy and sometimes cry.

I look out at my little world with detachment.


I do not know when I will rejoin the action.

For now, I will quietly spy as the world goes on by

without me… and without my daddy.

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It is all I can do.



Queen or Angel?

I found a surprise while watering my potted plants yesterday.

I had not noticed the bud on my Epiphyllum oxypetalum before.


I usually notice every change in my garden.

Right now I am too busy. My precious father is dying.

I go to the hospital alone to take the first shift. Only one visitor at a time due to Covid.

So I am very blessed to happen to notice the bud ready to bloom.

I set my alarm clock to wake me near midnight.

I slipped outside with my flashlight to sit alone with my flower.


This was its first bloom after many years of growth.


I was amazed at its complexity.

Its pistil had a shaggy end.


Its anthers glowed in the light.


It was the whitest white I have ever seen.


I sat there in silence thinking that if an angel were a flower, it would look just like this.

It would come to me in the still, cool darkness and give my heart a moment of peace.

This flower may be named “Queen of The Night”, but it was my angel.



Stargazer Pollen

The most beautiful lily on the planet has a flaw.

It’s its pollen.

The anthers (male parts) start out harmless.

They surround a single long, green pistil (female part).

As the flower matures, the anther ends turn inside out.

This exposes the pollen which looks like rust dust.

It stains anything it gets on.

Flower shops usually remove the male parts of lilies.

This avoids issues caused by pollen, but changes the look of the flower.

I love Stargazer lilies, but I am not a pollen fan.

Their scent is heavenly, but keep your nose away from those anthers.



P.S. Stargazers, like other lilies, are poisonous to cats. 

Tiger Grandbulbies

I saved the bulbils from my Tiger Lily ‘Splendens’ two years ago.


I potted them and they grew into tiny little lilies last summer.

This spring I put them in the ground.


They have grown up tall and are now blooming.


I find it very satisfying to raise a second generation of special plants.

Tiger lily ‘Splendens’

I think these are exceptionally beautiful.


It’s the spots that get me.


Granny Flow