Cheraw in the Spring

I enjoyed a long walk today


In my son’s new town.


He moved here this past fall,


so this is my first glimpse of spring in Cheraw, South Carolina.


The azaleas are in full flower now.


The wisteria are wafting their scents into the breezes.


The birds are nesting and singing.


I awoke to a song I did not know this morning.


I’m feeling like a Southern Belle.


I can’t think of anything more southern than moss


and magnolias,


Unless it’s an ornate gate.


Snowballs in spring are just magical.


The boy may have trouble getting rid of mama.

Charmed by Cheraw

My son recently started his career in a lovely town in South Carolina. We spent days trying to find a place for him to rent. It was a moving emergency, but we were determined to find a nice place with a short commute.

Historic Library
Tiny former law office.

Our family spent the better part of three days going to every realtor in the area. I was amazed at how helpful everyone was and how they all seemed to network to help this young new-comer find a home.

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We hit gold when we walked in to the Chamber of Commerce Office.  Rebecca and Roger made phone calls and listed potential renters on paper for us.  Roger even lead us in his car to a potential home and then on a quick tour through a beautiful,  historic neighborhood.

Every person we met, from the servers at the local restaurants(The Shed = yum) to the realtors, acted as ambassadors for their town. I expect great things from Cheraw. I am thinking of buying my son a futon for a gift, so that I can spend more time there.

Now that I have told you about the people in town, let’s see their beautiful plants and venues.

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The real thrill for me was finding a “new” vine.

The Cheraw Garden Club plants the planters around town. In one of these was the most beautiful little vine with puffy pods. I took a photo and asked Rebecca about it. She contacted the Garden Club and found the name and sent me a link about it.  Later,  I learned that there was a little card of information on the trellis that had fallen down. These are my kind of people.

One of the generous club members, either Judy or Cheryl,  learned of my blog and enthusiasm for the vine and gave me permission to take home a few pods. I love these folks!!!!!

STAY TUNED for my next post about the mystery vine.

New vine. I am in love!
New vine. I am in love!

Until then, here are some photos of the unusual plants that were in the planters around town.

rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 1154rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 1138 rabbits,Cheraw, Portland, Blog 1144

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