Tattered but Still Standing

When is a banana tree like a palm tree?

After hurricane winds.

Zeta was amazing yesterday. I will not share all the mess that must be cleaned up.

Instead, I will share how nature survives by design.

Banana trees have huge leaves and no trunks.

They are held up by water pressure in the non-woody stems.

During storms the big leaves tatter along the veins to let the wind pass through.

Zeta tattered the banana leaves until they look more like palm fronds.

Sometimes to survive the big hits you have make some concessions.

Better tattered and standing than lying on the ground.

I need to remember this lesson from my Mother Nature.


My Hiding Place

I have a place to hide away from sadness and Covid and worry.

I go deep into the forest and sit silently among the trees.

I relax in the shade.

I listen to the wind rustling the leaves.

It is a million miles from my troubles.

I pack a chair and a snack.

When I come back, I am refreshed.

The banana forest is just across the drive

but I pretend I am far away.

Everyone needs a banana forest.

FLOW on the GO.

The Banana Forest

Yesterday when the sun was high, I sought some shade in the banana forest.


Its giant leaves served as umbrellas.


The wind moved them like fans.


The banana forest was dancing around me.

An oasis away from the sun and heat.


I was surrounded by swaying green.

I pretended my cares were far away, not just across the driveway.


Everyone should have a banana forest to escape into.


Safe and Soggy

Florence has left us.

I feel such gratefulness that we ourselves were spared

the devastation experienced by so many others.

The sunshine is a welcome sight after days of darkness.

I must admit, I did not stay inside during the deluge.

This should not come as a surprise to my readers.

Over and over again I strode into the storm to check plants and ditches,

necessary for my sanity if for no other reason.

I am happy to report

the banana forest is still upright


the vines are still clinging


and way up in a tree

a certain nest is still intact.


Way to go Mama Squirrel!


The Banana Chandelier

I love chandeliers.

20151003_112333_LLS I do not own one.


I do, however, take many photographs of them.


That way I can enjoy their beauty without dusting them or changing bulbs.


Much to my delight, the banana forest has produced a second bloom.

This one is much larger than the first. Its burgundy colored bracts lift each day to expose another row of flowers.

These are being fertilized by bees attracted by the dripping nectar.


Now there are many levels of little bananas.


I love how this cluster looks with flowers hanging down and bunches of bananas in rows.

It looks like a chandelier.


The prettiest one ever.

No dusting.

I love nature!